Thursday, April 22, 2010

Manhattan Dinner @ TriBeCafe

It has been a while since I had dinner with my friends in Manhattan last time. So it was time again to see them and have lots of laughter. This time, we went to this new restaurant in Tribeca area called "TriBeCafe". It seems like they opened on Feb this year so it is quite new place.

The food they serve is what they call "Tokyo Casual" cuisine. It is not Japanese traditional food but more like fried minced beef, curry and different kind of pasta which you can find in Japanese western food restaurant. We call this kind of food "Yoshoku". Those food are not originally from Japan but it was arranged in a Japanese way.

Anyway, here are some of the appetizer we ordered.
Banbanji salad. It is a chicken salad with sesame dressing. Quite poplar dish in Japan. The sesame dressing was great and I like the crispy wonton on top!
And, my favorite food. French Fries! This one is quite a lot! I love it. Oh, I love French Fries so much.

Then, fish capriccio. I forgot what kind of fish this was but it tasted really fresh and I loved it!

Those appetizer were awesome!

They also have many different kind of liquor and special cocktails. I ordered Bellini and this was awesome. They use homemade peach sorbet. I had to have two Bellini :-)

It has been a few months since I met them so we just talked and talked. We were so into talking, it took a while for us to order main course. They always makes me laugh. I love having dinner with them.

After two Bellini, we finally ordered main course.

We had Menchi Katsu which is fried minced beef. This is also a popular dish in Japan.

We also ordered a few pasta dish. One was mushroom pasta which is my favorite. This is exactly I remember from Japan. It is pasta dish but the flavor is kind of Japanese because they use soy sauce. I always loved this dish when I was living in japan. I am so happy to find it in NY! I make mushroom pasta at home all the time but somehow I cannot make it the way they do at the restaurant. I want to know the secret!

Another pasta dish. Red Thai Curry Pasta. This was something new to me. I never had thai curry as pasta sauce but it was surprisingly good! It was not super curry like and it was light and tasty. I loved it!
We also had some other dishes but I don't have pictures of those. One of them was Mentaiko Pasta which is very popular pasta dish in Japan. Mentaiko is fish roe and we loved this one also. We ordered some bread to scrape off the sauce we had on the plate!

Oh, such a wonderful night I had. And I liked this restaurant. The food was really good (it reminds me of  food I used to eat in Japan) and the price was reasonable. There were quite a lot of Japanese customers there that night. I think Japanese people definitely would like this restaurant. I did. I wonder how non- Japanese people think. I will bring my husband next time :-)

If you are living in NY, try this restaurant and let me know what you think :-)

277 Church St., New York, NY 10013
(212) 343-0277

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