Sunday, April 4, 2010

German Grandma's home cooking

I have already told you that I ate lots of great food in Germany. Now, I would like to show you what I ate.

In my opinion, German food is underrated. I really like German food. I did not know much about German food until I met my husband but I realized that I like German food maybe more than my husband does :-) Of course, it is quite heavy so I can not eat them everyday but I love eating them once in a while.

First stop was at my husband's grandma's place. She used to have a restaurant which she cooked and served every day so she is excellent at cooking.

One of the things which my husband always eat when he visit her place is "Schnitzel". It is a thin sliced fried breaded veal. I also like this dish a lot. I think it is originally from Austria but you can order this at any German restaurant.
I have eaten many schnitzels in restaurant but I think grandma's schnitzel is the best! She has quite a lot of experience and also she put lots of lots of love in it :-) I have observed every move she made when she was making schnitzel so hopefully I can make schnitzel similar to hers. She uses two pans to make many schnitzels at the same time. I love watching her cook.

The side dish which comes with Schnitzel is potato dish called "bratkartoffeln". She boiled the potatoes and peel them (and she peels the hot potatoes with a lighting speed!) and slice them into thin slices.
Then, saute them in a pan with some butter.
It is so simple but taste great! I think German potatoes are different from what we have here in the U.S. or in Japan. Potatoes in Germany just taste sooooo good!

Yummy! Everything was delicious. After all, nothing can beat grandma's food. Isn't that right ?


  1. Hi Mausi

    Glad to hear about your recent trip to Germany. Your Potato based preparation looks very simple yet tasty.


  2. lucky be able to taste grandma's are blessed...i cant even remember my grandma's cooking(both paternal n maternal grandmas)...great to hear you enjoyed the trip!!

  3. Glad to know that you like potato dishes in Germany.

  4. Hi Deeoa,
    Yes, I enjoyed my trip to Germany. Potatoes in Germany taste really good! When ingredients are great, you don't need to add too much stuff, I guess :-)

  5. Hi Meena,
    Yes, I am lucky to be able to eat grandma's cooking. She is awesome! I wish I could stay longer and learn more from her.

  6. Hi Angie,
    Yes, I loved all the potato dished in germany. One of my favorite thing to eat is French Fries and I had one of the best French Fries in Germany!!

  7. Hope u had an awesome trip...Grandma's cooking rocks...
    Yeah Mausi..the picture is taken in natural my Balcony :)

  8. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post. I like this :)