Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Eating everyday with Grandma in Germany

My husband's grandma lives in a winery area of Germany so you can see the grape vines everywhere in whole surrounding neighborhood. We walked together between these grape vines. It must be very pretty in summer. Grandma also has her own garden which she makes vegetables and flowers. I wish I had a garden like hers. It is quite big and she takes good care of it. I heard that there are some places in NY where you can rent a garden but there is no garden or farm around where I live so there is no such a thing here. Too bad.

It seems like I had been eating non-stop when I was visiting grandma. I was pleasantly surprised how much grandma can eat and drink! I think she can eat and drink more than I do. Maybe it is her secret to longevity :-) She enjoy eating good food and drinking good wine or beer.

One of the restaurant which my husband's cousins took us was an Italian restaurant. This Italian restaurant was really good. We ordered about 6 appetizers and shared them and also had each main course.

There are not so many photos of appetizers we ordered but one of the appetizers which I liked was this octopus appetizer. It is not too easy to find octopus dishes in the U.S. so I was quite happy to eat this octopus. We eat octopus quite often in Japan so I miss this kind of food sometimes.

My main dish was pasta! Of course. They had something special like this rolled Lasagna. Isn't it a great idea to roll up Lasagna like this? It was with porcini mushroom and the thick creamy sauce was divine! This was really really good. I would like to recreate this at home sometimes.

Grandma was eating Mushroom Tortellini. This was also very creamy and rich and delicious. Since I was sitting right next to grandma, I stole a few of her tortellini :-) It was sooooo good!

I never imagined that Italian food can be this good in Germany. Who knew, right? I feel like the quality of food at restaurants in Germany are really good. Maybe because people always take me to good restaurants but so far all the restaurants I went in Germany were really good!

The following night, we went to a neighborhood restaurant and ate a lot again.

I had stake at this restaurant. Look at this garlic! This was great for a garlic lover like me!
Also the potato croquette on the side reminded me of Japan because we also eat potato croquette.

My stake came with salad. I liked salad in Germany because salad dressing is mild and salad leaves are very tender.

My husband was eating Spaetzle which is a special noodle in Germany. I have made this at home before. It is great with cheese and sauteed onion.

Grandma was eating two kind of fish special with some vegetables and pasta. It is quite and amount isn't it?

I was happy to be able to visit grandma. This was the second time for me to see her and I really enjoyed spending time with her. She is just so cute! Her smile make me feel very happy. And, I realized that she likes eating like I do :-) I am looking forward to seeing her again sometime soon!


  1. Hi Mausi, All these food looks so delicious! I'm sure you really enjoyed your holiday in Germany.

  2. everything looks fabulous...guess you have enjoyed every moment of your stay :-)

  3. The salmon looks very delicious together with assorted veggies and noodles. Nice that you had some good food in Germany.

  4. Hi Anncoo,
    Thanks! I enjoyed the trip now it is time for me to cook!!!

  5. Hi Gulmohar,
    Thank you. Yes, I ate and ate and enjoyed my stay. My husband and I have been on a diet since we came back. Nothing hard core but have been eating light meals everyday :-)

  6. Hi Angie,
    I did not try the salmon dish. It was grandma's dish but it looked really good. She finished the plate so I bet it was delicious!