Friday, April 16, 2010

Easy and Delicious! Sweet Chili Shrimp Salad recipe

After I came back from Germany, I have been on a light diet to loose some weight which I have gained in Germany. This is one of the salad I made for dinner during my diet week.

I got an idea for this salad from the Turkey salad which I had during my Germany trip. (Click here for the post on Turkey salad in Germany) I used Shrimp instead of Turkey and it came out really good!

It is super easy. Here is the recipe.

Sweet Chili Shrimp Salad
Ingredients (for 2 people)
Salad leaves (Preferably softer kind such as butter lettuce or Boston lettuce) Two handful
Carrots   1
Cucumber  half
Large Shrimp    about 12 (shells and tails peeled)
Butter  2 table spoon
Olive Oil  2 table spoon
White Wine  2 table spoon
Sweet Chili Sauce  1 table spoon
Garlic  3 cloves chopped
Salt   for taste
My mother-in-law's Maple dressing  1/4 cup (Click here for the Maple Dressing recipe)

1. Add butter and olive oil in a pan and heat up.

2. Add chopped garlic in the pan and saute until fragrant but not burnt.

3. Add Shrimps in the pan.

4. Add white wine and sweet chili sauce and saute until shrimps are cook through but not too hard.

I used this sweet chili sauce from Mae Ploy.

5. Mix salad leaves with maple dressing and place on a plate. Then add the shrimps on top.

This is so easy and tasty and light. I think this shrimp might be good with rice also if salad is too light. But then, I would add some chili pepper flakes to the shrimp to give it a little heat.

This is a great dish for a shrimp lover like me. It is also pretty satisfying. This shrimp goes well with the maple dressing salad. I hope you would try it!

If you can not find sweet chili sauce at your local super market, you can also purchase them from Amazon market place. Below is the link.

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  1. yummy salad! love the idea of adding fried shrimps...