Thursday, April 15, 2010

Easter Sunday Brunch Eggs Benedict

It has been a while since we had Easter but I would like to show you guys what we had for Easter Sunday Brunch. Every Easter, I make Eggs Benedict for brunch. This is because when I was living in California with an Indian lady, she used to make Eggs Benedict for Easter. She introduced this dish to me and I loved it so I was eating Eggs Benedict every Easter while I was living with her.

When I started to live with my husband, I decided to make it myself to impress my husband. It worked! He was so impressed and loved it. Ever since I make Eggs Benedict every year for Easter to make my husband smile :-)

For Hollandaise sauce. I actually use McCormick's packaged sauce. I know it is better to make it from scratch but I always use this package for Eggs Benedict. It is pretty good.

First, I make Hollandaise sauce using this package.

At the end, I add some lemon juice for a bit of tangy flavor.

Then, I porch eggs. I learned from TV that if you add some vinegar when you porch your egg, it comes together easily. So I always add vinegar in the hot water in the pan. This is a good trick.

Toast English Muffins.

Saute some Canadian bacon and place on top of your English Muffin.

Place your porched egg on top and pour Hollandaise sauce over it. Sprinkle some chopped chives and freshly ground black peppers. I added asparagus on the side to make it look more springy!

Isn't it pretty? For me, this dish screams Spring. When I eat this dish, I think of nice warm spring day with lots of flowers and sunshines. This dish makes me so happy. I am not a big breakfast person but once a year I look forward to this Eggs Benedict brunch.

Also, when I have guests, I sometimes serves this for brunch and everybody likes it. So I suggest you to invite some friends for breakfast and treat them with this beautiful Eggs Benedict!

If you can not find this McCormick's Hollandaise sauce, you can make it from scratch with egg yolk, butter and lemon. (Even though I have never tried. ) I found this Tyler Florence's recipe from Food Network website. Click here for his Hollandaise sauce recipe.  Tyler never disappoint me so I am sure this one is also good.

Enjoy your spring weekend brunch with loved ones!

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