Monday, April 19, 2010

Creamless Creamy Tomato Soup

My husband was eating Tomato soup in Germany and I realized that I never made tomato soup at home so I decided to give it a try. This is a great dinner for someone like us who is trying to eat light and loose some weight which we gained during our trip.

I used "Creamless Creamy Tomato Soup" recipe from "America's Test Kitchen" magazine. I like this magazine because they experiment many different ways in order to find the best recipe. The issue which I bought was this one below. I made cinnamon roll from this magazine also and it came out good and this tomato soup was also really good. I am looking forward to trying some other recipe from this magazine.

Here is the link for Amazon.

This recipe was pretty easy using canned tomato and it was really good!

Saute onion

Add canned tomato and other ingredients.

Blend the mixture by using the hand blender.
Of course you can use regular blender to make soup but I love using this hand blender because you can blend right in the pot. I just need to wash this hand blender after using it. I is less messy. My mother-in-law gave me this hand blender because she use it herself and she loves it. I love it also! If you make soup often, I think you will also like this equipment a lot! I highly recommend this hand blender!

If you are interested in, here is the link to Amazon.


I also made croutons. I just sauteed them in a pan with some melted butter but it was crispy and buttery and so good!

The soup was a success and my husband loved it also. I am happy with the result. It is beautiful color.

By the way, we went to a movie this weekend. It was called "How to train your dragon". This movie is for kids but I enjoyed it. We watched in 3D. There are so many 3D movies lately. I love going to a movie!

Also, we had a visitor from Europe on Saturday. He was on his way back to Europe and made a stop over in NY and came to visit us. He was supposed to fly out on Sunday but unfortunately because of the volcano ash situation, his flight was cancelled. Today's flight seems like cancelled also so I think he has to stay here for a while. There are so many people affected by all the flights cancellation. It made me realized again how powerful the nature is. There is nothing we can do because we can not and (should not) go against the nature. I hope everything will work out soon though.


  1. Wow Soup sounds Delicious...Rich and Creamy...Ur pics have made it more Inviting....

  2. creamy tomato w/out cream sounds great!

  3. You are right Mausi, This Volcano ash situation has made us think that we are mere humans...We are merely one piece of an extremely complicated system. And we should be nice to our earth.

    Soup looks delicious and home made soup is any day better that packed ones....Nice click
    Hamaree Rasoi