Friday, April 30, 2010

Cheese Cake Factory Tostada Salada, Fish & Chips

I love Cheesecake Factory. As you may know, their menu is huge and I bet many people have hard time deciding what to have. For me, it is quite easy because I normally eat one of the three same dishes at Cheesecake factory. My absolute three favorite dishes at Cheesecake Factory is "Bang Bang Chicken & Shrimp" "Tostada Salad" and "Skirt Stake".

This time, I wanted to eat fish & chips for some reason so my husband and I ordered fish & chips and tostada salad and shared them.

Here is the photo of fish & chips

The outside was crispy and the fish was pretty thick and juicy. I really liked their fish & chips. This might rank into one of my favorite from now on.

And this is my favorite "Tostada Salada"
Normally, it comes with beans but since I am not too keen on beans I always ask them to make it without beans. I think this salad is one of the best salad I have ever eaten. The creamy cilantro dressing and the juicy grilled chicken and crispy salad leaves are the great combinations.

Their portion is super big so we always take half of the dish home and eat it next day. They were really good and I was really happy that I am able to enjoy good food :-)

During the dinner, I was telling my husband about the book I am reading right now. It is a Japanese book called "1Q84" from Haruki Murakami. I think many of you might know him since he is a pretty famous Japanese writer. I like his books and I have read many of his books before.

Sometimes what he writes are very mysterious and bit confusing. This book consist of two different story  in parallel and I am still on the first book of three so I don't even know what is happening or what is going to happen. So it was quite a challenge to explain the story to him. (I guess I should have read more before I start telling about it )

The character he writes are so unique and I love them. I always wonder how he come up with all these crazy characters. I think writers are very imaginative people and whatever they see and hear inspire them to create characters. I would like to ask Mr. Murakami what inspired him to create some of the characters in this book and also in his other books :-)

So, after trying the telling the story to my husband for 30mins or so, he finally said to me that he thinks that he needs to read the book to fully understand this kind of complicated story. I agree. (I really appreciate my husband for listening to me for 30 mins even when my explanation is not quite great :-) )

I am sure that it will be translated in English. (It seems like it has not yet translated into English) And this will be interesting for me to read in English because I am curious about how they will translate some of the terms which I can not think of a good translation for it.

Anyway, when the English version is released, I will let you guys know!

Today's such a beautiful day! My plants are getting sunshines! I feel so alive today :-)


  1. I love fish & chips very much too! I noticed that they did served a well presented fish & chips there! Btw, I have to admit that Japanese writer is really imaginative. And the Japanese produced very good cartoons as well. I love watching Japanese cartoons movie like 'Silver Wolf', The Crayon Kid and a lot more.
    Regards, Kristy

  2. Hi Kristy!
    I like Japanese Catoons also. They are pretty good! I don't know "Silver Wolf" but I know "the crayon Kid". Cartoons are very popular in Japan and even adults read cartoons. (sometimes on the way to work :-)