Friday, April 9, 2010

Brunch with family friends and gourmet store Käfer

Friends of the family invited us for a nice brunch at their house. They have moved to this new house in the mountain a few years ago and this was first time for my husband and I to visit their new place. The house is surrounded by mountains and it was beautiful and peaceful. 

The table setting for the brunch was really cute and springy. 
It was a Easter season so this table setting reminds me of Easter and spring. It is so colorful and beautiful.  I would love to be able to have a table decoration like this. The mother of this family and also my mother-in-law are awesome at table setting. I really think they have great talent in table setting. 

The food was great. There are so many different kind of stuff so again I ate so much but it was so good! 

We stopped by at the bakery and bought some pretzel and bread on the way there. Those pretzels were amazing! I love pretzels in Germany. It is different from the pretzels we get in NY. 

Other breads were also very good. 

After the brunch, we walked around the house. There are so many greens and it was very refreshing. My body was refreshed with clean air and beautiful view of alpes. 

After the walk, we had cakes! Of course :-) We had Cheese cake and Strawberry & Rhubarb cake. It is Rhubarb again! I really think this vegetable (fruits?) is getting popular! 

We had a great time. 

The last day of our Munich stay, my parents-in-law took me to this gourmet food store called Käfer. It was pretty big and they had all different kinds of delicious gourmet items there. I loved it! My mother-in-law thought I would like this store. She was right. I loved it. I wish I had this store close by. 

All different kinds of cheese.

Fresh vegetables. 

My favorite! Mushrooms. 

It was Easter season so there are easter decorations at sweets section of the store. 

Easter egg chocolate


It was lunch time when we visit this store so we went to their restaurant to have lunch. 
It was nice restaurant. 

I had vegetable risotto. I tasted all the flavor from the vegetable and it was creamy and great. 

My husband had flamkuchen which is something like a thin pizza but no tomato sauce. I actually like this better than pizza. It was with bacon and caramelize onion. So good!

My mother-in-law had white fish with some vegetables. I had a bite from her dish and this was also really really good! 

My father-in-law had roasted (grilled?) duck dish. Even though I did not try this one, it looked really good also.

So, we also met many people and ate a lot in Munich. We had a lot of fun. After this, we went back one more time to Frankfurt and went back to NY. I still have some more delicious photos from Frankfurt so I will upload them on the next post. I went to my favorite lebanese restaurant in a city about one hour away from Frankfurt. I will also post those photos. 


  1. Wonderful post Mausi! The table looks amazing and so beautiful!
    The duck looks scrumptious!
    Have a great weekend~

  2. Hi Catherine! How are you doing? I hope you are doing well. Thank you for your compliment. I would like to decorate a table like this someday!