Friday, April 23, 2010

Big Big Sushi Cake!

Have you ever heard of Sushi Cake? This kind of sushi cake is getting popular at Japanese household. In March, we have girls day in Japan (March 3rd) and many people eat sushi on this day. I was looking at some people's blog and some of them were making beautiful sushi cakes for their daughters on this day.

I never made sushi cake myself but I wanted to give it a try. I used ingredients which are easy to purchase in the U.S. (such as smoked salmon, avocado, imitation crab, egg and picked ginger)

Here is how I made it.  Of course, you can use whatever ingredients you like. I think the point is to make it colorful.

1. Cook sushi rice and mix with sushi vinegar and white roasted sesames.

2. Place an plastic wrap in a cake mold.

3. Spread sushi rice at the bottom of the cake mold in a thin layer.

4. Spread imitation crabs and some mayonnaise on top of the rice.

5. Spread some more sushi rice on top.

6. Place sliced avocado on top of the rice.

7. More rice on top.

8. Place thinly cooked egg slices on top and spread more rice over it.

9. Add picked ginger on top

10. Then, cover it with sliced smoked salmon.

11. Decorate with mayonnaise and lemon.

12. Cut as you cut cakes and serve.

It turned out looking pretty good but there is so much rice in it and this cake is pretty big. I think this size was little too big for 2 people.

Needless to say, we had to eat this sushi cake for a few days...

Well, my husband had never seen anything like this before so he was pretty excited. I am glad that I was able to surprise him :-)

Next time, I would like to try with smaller individual size.

The taste was good but a bit too blunt. I added some mayonnaise in between but maybe it was not enough.

The great thing about this cake is it looks pretty and you can use whatever ingredients you like if you have rice. You don't even have to make sushi rice if you don't want to. You can also use meat (such as cooked ground meat for filling). In that case, it will no be sushi cake, though. It will be a rice cake!

I hope you liked my sushi cake and hope some of you try this sometimes. It is fun dinner!


  1. wow..that's such a royal meal..looks so so tempting Mausi :-)

  2. that is so lovely! at the first pic I could not even guess what it had...

  3. HI Gulmohar,
    Thanks! I think this is a great dish for a party!

  4. Hi Fathima,
    Thanks! I am glad that you couldn't guess what it was in it on the first pic. I wanted to make it look like a real cake!