Friday, April 9, 2010

Back in Frankfurt and final eating spree with friends

We went back to Frankfurt to finish our Germany trip and went to have dinner with our friends.

First, we went to Ethiopian restaurant with a couple whom we have kwon for a while. Actually, last time when I went to Germany last August, we have stayed at their place for one night. 

Beer which came in a cup that looks like coconut.

We order one dish for each but then they will bring all together in one big plate like this.
Open the lid. Tada~!

You eat these with some kind of bread? which is very spongy and soft and bit tangy. Of course we ate with hands! They were really good. They were not as spicy as I thought. Maybe they make it milder for German customers. I like the fact that I can eat many different kind of dish :-)

I love spending time with this couple. They are so nice. The lady was my husband's friend from university but now I am also her good friend and she actually read my blog everyday! She is one of the biggest supporter of my blog. It makes me happy to know that someone is enjoying my blog :-)

On the next night, we went to have dinner again with this couple and also one other couple. This time, we went to the city where they live in which is about 1 hour away from Frankfurt. It is very nice area.

I met this other couple for the first time on this trip but I really liked them. I felt like I was able to connect with them. The lady is an artist. It's so cool! I wish I could paint or make some kind of art...  I also went to their gallery which was coincidentally showing Japanese artists works. It was so cool to see these arts and also it was cool to get some explanation or the artists' insight about the pieces.

So, we went to my favorite lebanese restaurant in this city. Ever since I went to this lebanese restaurant, I am trying to find some good lebanese restaurant in NY also.
First, appetizers.

I absolutely love those appetizers. Since we ordered a lot of appetizers, I shared one main dish with my husband.

I ordered the same thing which I ordered last summer. It was ground lamb with eggplant. This was amazing. I love this dish. Silly me. I forget to remember the name of this dish again. I never learn. Well, I remember the taste so I will try to make this at home!

Also, a lebanese white wine which I had there was also really good. My friend wrote down the name so I need to ask her for that :-)

This dinner was also so much fun! I wish I can see both of the couples again sometime soon. Oh, I really wish they live close by. I wish all of my friends live close to me. I know it is very selfish thing to say but I think it will be so much fun, I mean it will be so so so much fun to have all of my friends around all the time. Well, my friends are all over the world so I think it is a bit difficult thing to do. On a blight side, I can go all over the world to visit all of my friends!

Anyhow, I also walked around Frankfurt by myself and ate so many things. One of the thing which I ordered and had no idea how it looks was "Sausage Salad"

It was definitely different from what I had expected but it was good. Though it was too much, I really liked those potatoes! (Did I mention it enough? Potatoes!!!)

Then, there was this restaurant which was in the middle of the big shopping street. I really liked this restaurant and ended up going there twice.

I was in Germany, I had to eat sausage, right? But the best thing about this plate was the french fries!!! I have said it many times but I will say it again. Potatoes in Germany are great! I think this french fries were one of the best french fries I ever had in my life!

Also, their tomato soup and turkey salad were great.

This turkey was sauteed in curry and sweet chili sauce flavor and the salad dressing was honey mustard. This salad was really good. This is also something I would like to try making at home.

In Germany, there are many immigrants from Turkey. So, I had to eat Turkish food also.
I had Adana kebab. It was juicy and delicious. Quite a lot for one plate.
And to finish this wonderful turkish meal, I had turkish tea. My favorite!

I met so many people and ate so much delicious food. I had a great time in Germany. I hope my Germany trip report made you wanna go to Germany!

Over the weekend, one of our good friend couple and their son are visiting us. I am so excited. I might not be able to update my blog until Tuesday but I will be back!!


  1. Definitely, I would like to go to Germany for a visit since you made it sounds sooooo good! I never know they served such fabulous food over in Germany. My first impression to these coutries is they love red meats either fresh or preserved. But now, I have clearer vision! Thanks alot for sharing.
    Regards, Kristy

  2. This frankfurter with chili, smoky bacon, and grilled onions was delicious. I actually ate 4 of those when I was in London.