Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Shrimp & Vegetable Tempura dinner & Alice in Wonderland 3D

It has been a while since I made Tempura last time. I don't make this too often because it is quite a lot of work but sometimes I crave for it so I made this over the weekend. I can fry them quite a lot and make Tempura bowl or Tempura soba next day also :-) 

This time I made Shrimp tempura (it is quite small shrimp but this is what I had in my freezer) and Onion & carrots tempura and shiitake tempura. 

For Onion and Carrots tempura, you shred them and mix them with tempura batter. Scoop it with a wooden spoon and slowly drop it in the hot oil. 

It was not easy but somehow it kind of stuck together and I was able to create what we call "Kakiage". 
My mom loves onion tempura. When I was a little, I did not like onion hence I did not like onion tempura but now I like onion and understand why my mom liked it. It is sweet and so good! 

These are shrimps and shiitake mushroom. 

It seems like I made too much but we had them with special tempura dipping sauce with some grated daikon radish in it. 
It is a very simple dish but very tasty. 

This weekend was very stormy in NY area. We did not have TV and Internet connection for a while. We had a movie which we wanted to see so we went to the movie theater. The movie is called "Alice in Wonderland". It was 3D. It seems like there are so many 3D movies lately. 

Anyway, I always loved Alice in wonderland since I was a little. I remember going to some kind of exhibition for Alice in Wonderland in Japan when I was a little. 

This movie was made by Tim Burton who is famous for "Nightmare before Christmas" 
I love Tim Burton. His movie is always little dark and creepy but characters are great and you can not help but love those interesting creepy characters. 

Since I love both Alice in Wonderland and Tim Barton. This was a movie which I decided to watch when I first saw a preview. 

I thought this movie will not be a big blockbuster hit but I found out that it was pretty popular. Almost all the seats were taken by the time movie started. I guess it is something to do with Johnny Depp also :-) 

The movie was great. I was expecting little bit more creepy but all the characters were great and the acting was great also. 

There is a character called fat boys in the movie and I realized that this actor was from my favorite British Comedy "Little Britain" This comedy show is very silly but I can not help laughing every time I see it. 

Anyway, if you like Alice in Wonderland or if you like Tim Burton, I recommend this movie. I am not sure how little children will feel watching this movie. I don't think it will be scary for them. 

On the way back from the movie, we saw trees fallen down on the freeway and there was a lot of traffic. Fortunately, it seems like there were no accident from this tree fall but it is scary to think about a big tree falling on to you on a free way. Police and firefighter and tree choppers were working really hard this weekend. I really appreciate their hard work! 

I think it is better for us to stay home when it is too windy. You never know what will fly into your way.... 


  1. Must be very crunchy...a perfect snack!

  2. Hi Mausi,
    Your so much effort was successful.The shrimps look very crunchy.
    You have 2 awards waiting for you in my blog.Please accept them.

  3. Love tempura too...great to hear all the info about Alice...will definitely see it now...