Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pork ginger meat ball soup with vegetables recipe

Since I bought Costco roast chicken on the weekend, I made my homemade chicken stock and with that stock, I made ginger meatball vegetable soup. My mom used to make this soup so I tried to make it as close as my mom's soup.

This is super easy. I just used some of the vegetables I had in my fridge and some ground pork to make meat balls. I really like this soup so I will post the recipe here.

Pork ginger meat ball soup with vegetables (for 2~3 people)

(For meatball)
Ground pork 1/2 lb
Ginger          size of your thumb * 2 (grind)
Scallion        2 (chopped)
Soy Sauce    1 table spoon
Sake             1 table spoon
Sesame oil    1 tea spoon
Salt & Pepper   for taste
* I did not add but it might be better to add some flour or egg to make a firm meatball. (Mine was too soft and it kind of crumbled in the soup)

(For soup)
Cabbage      1/4
Carrots         2~3
Scallion       3
Cauliflower   1/4
glass noodle  a handful
Soy Sauce    1 table spoon
Sake             1 table spoon
Salt & Pepper   for taste
Chicken Stock   4~5 cups

1. In a pot, add chicken stock and all the vegetables and glass noodle for soup and boil until soft.

2. Mix all the ingredients for meatball in a bowl.

3. When the vegetables are soft, add soy sauce, sake, salt and pepper and taste.

4. Make meat balls as the size of golf ball and add them into the soup.

5. When meat balls are cooked, it is ready.

Can you see the carrots is shaped as hearts?? I used cookie cutter to make these hearts :-)
The meat ball was too soft and it did not hold well in the soup while cooking. Next time, I should add some flour or egg or something to make it firmer.

This soup is very healthy because it has lots of ginger in the meatball and has plenty of vegetables. I did not use too much spices so it is very simple taste but since my homemade chicken stock taste great on its own, this soup came out really great. We had this soup with brown rice which is another healthy food.

My husband and I love ginger so anything with ginger we normally like. This became another favorite for us. This is simple and easy and healthy but since it has meat in it, the soup itself can be a meal. You don't need anything else to satisfy your stomach :-) If you like ginger, I think you would like this soup. I think pork and ginger go very well together.

This recipe is still in progress. I have to figure out how to make the meatball firmer but if you would like to try this soup, please do so and let me know how you made the meatball firmer ;-) Thanks!

This is the glass noodle I used. I bought it in a Japanese super market but I am sure you can find something similar in your local super market.


  1. Hi Mausi San

    This preparation looks very healthy and tasty as well. I have already found similar noodles and in this weekend I would try this preperation.


  2. HI Deepa san,

    Thanks! I look forward to hear what you think about it. Just one thing, my meatball was not firm enough so I think you should add some flour or egg or bread crumbs or something to make it firm so it won't crumble in the soup. I also like adding lots of ginger in the meatball. I hope you would like it!

  3. Love this kind of soup.Maybe i should try with beef..Got to get some glass noodless soon..Thanks Mausi :-)
    Reg the query in our blog : Paneer/Indian cottage cheese is available in Indian grocery stores, in their frozen section. You must search for Paneer.Hope you'll find it !