Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Persian Cuisine for lunch with my husband

We went to Middle Eastern restaurant again! This time it was Persian (Iranian) restaurant. My husband took a day off on Monday so we decided to go DMV to renew both of our driver's license and then went to have lunch.

When I was living in California, I had a Persian grocery store in my neighborhood and they were selling really good kebab which they grill in the back. I love kebab. I found this restaurant the other day when we were driving around and we wanted to try it out.

We ordered two appetizer and one main course to share.

First, Appetizer. One of them is dolma. This is one of our favorite appetizer. The other one was called Sambuseh which is like a fried dumpling with chick pea mixture in it. It came with the cilantro sauce which is my husband favorite sauce.

Both of them taste great and presentation was also beautiful. I liked this square dish.

The main course was Kobideh Kebab. This one was ground beef kebab. I love this Kebab. This year, I will make this Kebab at home. We finally bought a new propane so we are ready for BBQ!! I just hope that the weather will be nice soon so we can BBQ soon :-)

After the lunch, we stopped by at Trader Joe's for grocery shopping and found this cookie. This cookie was so good. If we didn't consciously stop eating, we would have finished the whole box. I close the box before it is too late. But I highly recommend this cookie. If you have a Trader Joe's close to your house, try this cookie. It is GOOD! I should have bought another box.

Anyway, we had a great day together and the weather was quite nice and warm. I feel spring is coming!!!


  1. The fried dumplings look sooooo good!
    Cilantro sauce sounds truly wonderful.

  2. I am waiting for the Spring too.. looks like that you had a great lunch! I love sambuseh with cilantro sauce which coincidentally is my fav sauce too:)

  3. Hi mausi San

    Your pics look great & the delicacies look mouthwatering. Here in India I just finished dinner , but if such Persian cuisines are in front of me, I won't mind having a second round as well.


  4. I love persian food...Your lunch looks great!

  5. this rice and kabab dish looks great!delicious!