Thursday, March 11, 2010

Japanese Pork Ginger recipe and sad news about Corey Haim

This pork ginger is very popular dish in Japan. I love this dish because I love ginger. It is great with white rice and I always eat too much rice with this :-) This is one of the dish which reminds me of Japan.

I would like to share this recipe because it is really good and easy. One thing it might be a challenge is to find really thin sliced pork.

Pork Ginger  for 2 poeple
Thinly sliced pork   250g
Ginger (grated)      2 table spoon
Garlic  (grated)      1 table spoon
Onion  (sliced)       2 small ones
Soy Sauce             5 table spoon
Sake                      5 table spoon
Mirin                     2 table spoon (if you can not find Mirin, you can substitute this with sugar)
Vegetable Oil       1 table spoon

1. Marinade pork and onion in soy sauce, ginger, garlic, sake and mirin mixture. (I marinated for about 3 hours but I think it is good enough if you marinade for 1 hour or so)

2. Add oil in a pan and saute this mixture.

3. Saute until everything is cooked and liquid is almost all gone.

4. Serve it with rice and shredded cabbage. I sprinkled some chopped scallion for color and also sprinkled some crashed black sesame on top of rice.

This was so amazing. My husband also loved it and we couldn't stop eating. The meat was so soft. Maybe it was good that I marinated for a long time. It is sweet and salty and go great with rice.


When I went back to Japan last year, I bought this Japanese Mandoline back. This is something which every household in Japan has and I have seen my mom used this all the time.

This is a great tool to make shredded cabbage or to shred some vegetables. It is super easy and fast. I just need to be careful not to cut myself because it is really really sharp. I used this tool for the cabbage and shredding cabbage was so quick! I love this tool! Lately, I have seen some of the celebrity chefs using this tool also.

By the way, last night I found out on TV that Corey Haim passed away. I am not sure if everybody knows about him but he was in lots of movies when I was a Teenager and I really liked him back them. He was a big Teenage idol. I used to watch "The Lost Boys" movie over and over at home which annoyed my family big time because they were forced to watch it with me  :-)

It is sad to see such a young talented person pass away. All I can wish for him now is RIP... I feel like watching "The Lost Boys" again.


  1. Don't know about Corey Haim...the ginger pork looks very delicious.

  2. Hi Angie,
    Thanks! I lover ginger. Corey Haim was popular in the 80's maybe that is why you don't know :-)

  3. great post, I really like it. Thanks for posting. :)

  4. Hi Charenn29,
    Thank you for your comment!