Friday, March 5, 2010

Dried Cranberry & Walnut Chicken Salad Sandwich recipe

Using the roasted chicken from Costco, I made yet another dish! The roasted chicken is pretty big for two people, I have to make something else using this chicken so we don't get tired of eating roasted chicken everyday.

Since I had homemade bread on hand, I made this chicken salad with dried cranberry and walnuts.

A few years ago, My husband, I and one of our good friend have visited a small town in up north where Norman Rockwell has lived. I don't remember the name of the town but it was very small and cute town.

I am sure that you have heard of Norman Rockwell. He is a famous artist who drew good old America such as these. I love his pieces. It always makes me smile.

Anyway, in this small town we had lunch in a small cute restaurant. One of the dish we ordered was Turkey Sandwich and it came with some cranberry sauce in it. It was so good!

When I think about Chicken Sandwich, I think about that particular turkey sandwich and I wanted to try to recreate this with my chicken salad sandwich.

The town was very cute but most of the things I remember is food, of course. I can not forget the Turkey sandwich and flourless chocolate cake I had at this restaurant. (Too bad I don't remember the name of the restaurant) Everything we ate there were really good! As always, my memory is surrounded by food I ate.

I just remembered that I had nose bleeding after I had lunch here. I almost never have nose bleeding. Maybe the food was so good that I got too excited and had nose bleeding. I don't know. It is funny that I forgot about this :-)

Anyway, back to chicken salad sandwich. I add some stuff to make it little bit different from the chicken salad I normally see. Here is the recipe.

Dried Cranberry & Walnut Chicken Salad Sandwich

Cooked Chicken  300g (shredded)
Celery           3 ribs (chopped)
Scallion        2   (Chopped)
Dried Cranberry    a Handful
Walnuts                 a Handful
Mayonnaise           2 table spoon
Honey mustard     1 table spoon
Salt & Pepper       for taste
Paprika                 1 tea spoon

1. Add all the ingredients above in the bowl.

2. Mix it well.

3. Sandwich with your favorite kind of bread and serve.

Sweet cranberry and crunchy walnuts with crispy celery makes this chicken sandwich extraordinary. You can bring this for lunch also. Put the chicken salad in a container and bring the bread separately. This way the bread won't be soggy when you eat. This is another easy recipe but it is great when you have extra roasted chicken left over.

After I moved to the U.S., I encountered lots of new dishes. I love living here because there are people from different country and I can appreciate different culture and food. I was not used to eating something savory with sweet but now I love the combination such as Turkey with cranberry sauce or Swedish meatball with lingonberry sauce. (Though, I still don't like pineapple pizza....)

Anyway, if you are tired of same chicken salad sandwich, try this one. It is something sweet and savory at the same time and it create a great harmony in your mouth!


  1. Nice.. I like chicken salad and this one sounds quite good with all the cranberries

  2. I love the taste of chicken w/ fruits... I would love to try this out!

  3. Your Chicken sandwich looks so crispy,healthy and tempting.
    Thanks for sharing.


  4. I had the chicken,b cranverries and pecans while visiting a Tea room in Riverton N:j. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hi Anonymous,
      Aren't they great combination? Pecan might be even better. I must try it with Pecan. Thank you for your comment!