Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's weekend and Hot Lemon and Kreative Blogger award (2nd time!)

How was your Valentine's weekend? Mine was great. My husband took me to Manhattan on Sat. He took me to a Traditional Chinese dance show which was at Radio City Music Hall. The dances were great and all the outfit from different region of China were beautiful. After the show, we went to a Lebanese restaurant (again!)

I talked about a Lebanese restaurant which we went a few months ago (Click here for the previous lebanese restaurant in Manhattan post) (Also, click here for a Lebanese restaurant in Germany post)
but this is another restaurant which I wanted to try. This restaurant is called ilili and it is on 5th ave between 27th and 28th st.

The restaurant is very modern looking and atmosphere was great. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of the food. (I tend to get excited when I get food in front of me at restaurants and forget about taking picture) But the food was great. We ordered a few small plates and shared. We had Falafel, Batata Harra, Chicken kebab, Beef Shawarma, Lebanese rice. One item we both love at any Lebanese restaurant is Batata Harra. This is like a fried potato with lots of cilantro. Every time we go to Lebanese restaurant, we have to order this item. If you ever go to Lebanese restaurant, please try Batata Harra.

Oh I love Middle Eastern food. I would love to learn to make these at home. One thing I would love to buy this year is those metal skewers for grilling. I would buy these and be a grill master this summer! Oh wait, we still have to go get propane for the grill.....

So I spent great day on Sat but on late Sat night, I started to feel sick a little bit. My nose started to run and on Sunday it was getting worse so I stayed all day in bed on Sunday. I had a slight fever but the problem was my nose. It just kept running and running. The skin around nose is so dry and it hurts from blowing too much. I feel better now but I am still not 100%.

So I would like to introduce this awesome drink for cold. Well, it is nothing new it is just hot lemon drink but we just started making this drink and it is quite a hit between us. We drink this everyday now.
You don't really need recipe for this but here is how we make.

Lemon  1/2
Hot Water  2cup
Sugar or Honey  1 table spoon

Just squeeze lemon in a mug cup and add sugar or honey, then add hot water and mix and drink. You can add slice of lemon in it and also you can add grated ginger.

My husband made this hot lemon all day on Sunday and also this morning! He loves using the lemon squeezer which he purchased the other day. (Click here for the lemon squeezer post) Every time he squeeze lemon with this equipment, he realize how good of a purchase it was. He really love this lemon squeezer! It is also great for me because I get to drink lots of hot lemon! I hope my cold will go away with this wonderful hot lemon drink :-)

I have received another Kreative Blogger Award from Monica of "Don't Forget the food". I am very horned to receive an award from her. It is great to know that someone is enjoying my blog. Her blog is awesome. She has lots of great recipes on her blog. If you have not visited her blog, please visit her blog sometimes.

Thank you again Monica. This is very encouraging. Since I have received this award before, I am not sure what I should do for the second time around regarding passing them on or 7 things about me but I gladly accept this award! Such a nice Valentine's day gift! Happy Blogging everybody and keep warm!


  1. CONGRATS!!! on the award.
    I found your blog via Monica, I have become a follower. Come by and visit maybe you can do the same.

  2. Comforting drink .Hope you had a wonderful V day :-)

  3. Congratulations on your awards.You really deserve it.

  4. Congrats on your award.I love this drink

  5. Hi Geri, Thank you for following my blog. I also followed yours! Happy blogging!

    Hi Gulmohar, Exactly. This is very comforting. That's the word I was looking for!

    Hi Shahana, Thank you so much! I feel very honored that some people like my blog!

    Hi Padhu, Thank you so much! This drink is so simple yet tasty and perfect for cold winter especially when you have a cold!

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