Friday, February 12, 2010

Potato & Broccoli Gratin for cold snowy day

As I have expected, I have sore muscle on my right shoulder and back from shoveling the snow. It was a good exercise.

Anyway, on that snowy night, I made something warm and yummy from what I have at home. I had potato, broccoli, cherry tomato, onion and some cheese and heavy cream. These ingredients are asking to be made into Gratin, don't you agree? So I made a gratin. (I feel like I had gratin a few days ago but oh well)

I just put them together and put it in the oven. It is super easy. Here is how I made it.

Potato   midium 4
Broccoli   1 bunch
Cherry tomatoes  10
Onion  midium 2
Garlic    3 cloves
Gruyere cheese   1/4 cup
Cheeder cheese   1/4 cup
Parmesan cheese   just a little bit
Heavy cream     1/2 cup
Beef Broth        1/4 cup
Salt & Pepper   for taste
Olive Oil          1 table spoon

1. Cut the potatoes into small cubes and boil them until tender. Also cut the broccoli into bite size pieces and boil them for a little bit. Cut the cherry tomatoes into halves.

2. Slice the onions. Add olive oil into the pan and saute onion and garlic until it is caramelized

3. Spread the potatoes into oven safe container. Salt and Pepper.

4. Spread the broccoli on top of the potatoes

5. Add cherry tomatoes

6. Spread caramelized onion onto the potato & broccoli.

7. Salt and Pepper. Pour heavy cream and beef stock

8. Cover with aluminum foil and put in the 350F oven for about 40mins until it is bubbly.

9. Take it out from the oven and remove the aluminum foil. Add cheese on top and put it into the broiler for about 3mins or so until it is golden brown.

10. Serve while it is hot!

Isn't it super easy? I was surprised how tomato was so sweet and tangy and great in it. I just added tomato because it was sitting in the fridge and begging to be used but it was a perfect idea. This is great dish to consume lots of broccoli and also inexpensive but taste really good.

It seem like I have been eating pretty heavy food this couple of days. I am starting to crave for some Asian food!


  1. :D yeah, shoveling is not so fun..This looks luscious..Perfect way to warm you up on a cold day !

  2. Hi Gulmohar,
    It is not fun to shovel the snow but I think it was a good excercise for me!