Saturday, February 6, 2010

How about Tyler Florence's Flourless Chocolate cake for Valentine's day!

Did you realize that Valentine's day is right around the corner? Do you have any plans? Do you know what are you going to make for your loved one on a Valentine's day?

In Japan, Valentine's day is more like for a women giving chocolate for men. We also have what we call "White day" and the men who received chocolate on Valentine's day would return something to the woman.

Here is the U.S., it is more like a even for a couple and not necessarily from women to men.

I am still thinking about what I am going to do on Valentine's day this year. Come to think of it, we hadn't spent Valentine's days together this past few years due to our schedules. This year, we will be able to spend Valentine's day together! I appreciate my husband everyday but it is also nice to have a day to celebrate our love with lots of sweets :-)

When I think about Valentine's day, I think about Chocolate. I am not yet an excellent baker but one of my favorite cake which I make sometimes and always come out great is this "Flourless Chocolate cake" from Tyler Florence. 

I have a photo from last year. This is how it look. It should have a crack on top.

I think chocolate lovers would absolutely love this cake. Sprinkle confectioners sugar and eat it with whipped cream. I like eating this warm so if it is cold, I would put it in a microwave for a little bit. It is also great with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

If you are making this for Valentine's day, it might be a good idea to make this in a heart shaped container. I don't have it so maybe I will curve it like a heart.

This recipe is from Tyler Florence who is one of my favorite celebrity chef here. Everything I try from his recipe has not disappointed me so far. I love his recipes. They are all so good. I think Tyler and I have same taste bud :-) Anyway, here is the cook I own. It is a great book.

I found this flourless chocolate cake recipe on Food network site also so I like it here→ Click here for Tyler's Flourless chocolate cake recipe

If you are not sure what you are going to make for Valentine's day, give this cake a try! It is moist and rich and super delicious!


  1. A chocolate a day, keeps the doctor away....mmmm flourless chocolate cakes looks perfect.

  2. Mausi this looks so good! I've made flourless cake before and it is so good!
    Your's looks fantastic and delicious! Yummy!

  3. Wow Mausi!.. nice cake, perfect for the day :).. and the name is really interesting : Flourless cake!:).. yummy cake!

  4. Looks yummy! Thanks, Mausi, for recently leaving a comment on my blog, Food Gratitude. Come visit often.

  5. This looks heavenly ! I've never tried flourless before, but maybe I should !

  6. mmmm mouthwatering Chocolate Cake... looks really really yummm!!!!!

  7. I think the best aspect of Valentine's Day IS the chocolate. :) Lovely!

  8. the word "flourless" caught my attention. Sounds awesome!

  9. Hi Angie,
    Thanks! I think it is a great idea to have one chocolate a day!

  10. Hi Catherine,
    Yes, I love flourless chocolate cake because it is so much richer than regular chocolate cake!

  11. Hi Devi,
    Thanks! Flourless chocolate cake is much dense and rich than regular chocolate cake. I love it :-)

  12. Hi Judith,
    Thank you for coming visit me also! I will come visit your blog again!

  13. Hi Lynda,
    Thanks! I highly recommend this flourless chocolate cake! It is divine :-)

  14. Hi Rachana,
    Thank you so much for your nice comment. Yes, this was really good!

  15. Hi Aimee,
    You are right! This is a day which we can eat chocolate without any excuse and there are chocolate everywhere on this day!

  16. Hi Sook,
    Thanks! If you have never tried flourless chocolate cake, you should definitely try it once. If you like chocolate, I think you would love it!