Friday, February 26, 2010

Homemade Sandwich Bread challenge! Failed.... but tasted good!

I realized that we don't have any bread at home and thought about going to buy it but it was raining and I thought "Mmm, maybe I can bake it!" Even though I don't have bread maker or proper loaf pan but I decided to try with my pound cake pan.

Also, my kitchen-aid stand mixer had hock for kneading so I tried kneading bread with stand mixer to make it easier.

I knead my dough in this stand mixer and repeat the raise and put it in the pound cake pan and into the oven.

The dough was not smooth but I thought it might be OK when its done baking so I didn't think about too much and just baked.

I used this recipe for this bread. Click here for the recipe from eHow I used half of the ingredients.

And this is what came out from the oven.
My first impression was "What is this strange shape??" Probably, when I made a ball to put in the pan, I did not make it too well and there were some cracks on the ball and that is why it was baked like this.

Strange shape but smells good!

Well, it seemed edible to I cut it and had it with some butter and strawberry jam.

Delicious! It was still warm and tasted great! The shape was not great but when it taste so good, it motivate me to make it again and make it better next time. It is cheaper than buying sandwich bread from store and also you know that there is no additives so it is safe to eat! My husband loved it also!

I would try it again. Yes, I will! Next time, I will be more careful when I shape it and make it all nice and pretty. I just wonder if it is possible to knead it too much. Does it affect the result when I knead the dough too much? or it doesn't matter? If you know, please let me know! I am so beginner on bread making, I have no clue about it!

I think it is all about practice and when it went perfectly well, I should remember all the right things I did at that time. I am glad to find out that I can knead the dough in stand mixer, that makes bread making much easier. Normally, I don't eat bread too much because I love rice but when it comes to freshly baked homemade bread, it is a different story!

As I said earlier this year, I will keep practicing on baking and become a better baker :-)


  1. U r already a better baker,look at that bread,it looks perfectly baked and soft...Nice entry.. thanks for sharing the recipe..

  2. What is in a shape, buddy? Taste is what matters... better luck next time with the shape too...

  3. Yes, I agree with Fathima...Sure it tasted great and there is nothing like a home made bread, isn't? Have a great week end Mausi !

  4. As Fathima said, Whats in a taste? taste is all that matters!!! The Bread looks perfectly baked and the texture looks also great!!! I'm sure, the next time the shape will be perfect too:)

  5. Hey
    Me first time in your blog nice recipes but for your this recipe I can tell that Never give up till you feel it is perfect.

  6. Glad it tasted good. When I made some rolls one night they were little and didn't look like they turned out right but they sure were good. Good Luck when you make it again. Keep trying and you will perfect it. I love fresh bread and rolls.

  7. Shapes doesn't a matter,u baked nicely...Lovely bread...All the best...