Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Homemade Naan with Patak's Dopiaza curry & Full Moon

My husband and I were thinking about baking bread this weekend but since we decided to have some indian curry for dinner, we decided to bake Naan at home!

This is my first attempt of making Naan so I searched some video on You Tube and found this Indian lady named Manjula who had great video on making Naan at home. If you are interested in her video, here is the link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vow-kxTPatc

Here is me kneading the dough.

We let the dough raise and then divide them and roll out.

Put them in a oven sheet and into the oven!

The first batch was bit burned. We forgot to time and left in the oven too long. ..

But second batch came out perfectly. Look at this beautiful color!

We tried another kind of Patak product today. It was called Dopiaza Curry. It was good but not spicy at all. I would like to have some spiciness.

Making Naan was easier than I thought I will be and we really enjoyed baking them together! We are excited about trying them again. Next time maybe we will try to make garlic Naan.

By the way, did anyone see a beautiful moon on Friday and Saturday night? I don't know which day was full moon but it was so big and beautiful. What do you see on the moon? In Japan, we see rabbit on a moon. I believe here in the state, people see human's face on the moon. Isn't it funny that people see different things on moon? Since I grew up in Japan, when I see full moon, I can not help but see a rabbit on it :-)

Until I move to the U.S., I did not realize how bright the Moon can be. I was living in Tokyo when I was in Japan so I think there were too many lights around. I was living in California before I move to NY and the Moon I saw there was sometimes so bright. I remember thinking "Why does it feel bright tonight?" and realize that the light was coming from the moon. This was a surprising discovery for me. I love looking at full moon.


  1. I actually have been buying Naan at my Wal-Mart bakery, of all places. It is really inexpensive, I use it as crust for individual pizzas. I can't wait to try to make it at home. Thanks for the link. to the video. Yours looks amazing.

  2. I love flat bread....yours look perfect! I actually love that slightly burnt one more.

  3. Wow...great job Mausi..I made some naan a few days back, still this is making me crave for some more :-)

  4. I love what you have done with the blog Mausi!
    This homemade naan looks really good, I'm going to try making it!

  5. Mausi your hardwork paid off.Your second batch nan came out picture perfect. First time here ...you have a lovely blog here. And I'm a garlic fan so will eagerly wait for your garlic nan post.
    Glad to follow you :-)
    Do drop by http://hamareerasoi.blogspot.com/ if time permits.

  6. Hi Don't forget the food,
    It is a great idea to use Naan bread as a pizza crust! I sometimes buy Naan bread at stores and they are really good. But it is also fun to make it at home :-)

  7. Hi Angie,
    Thanks! Thanks for even liking the burned one. It tasted good :-)

  8. Hi Gulmohar,
    Thank you for your compliment. This was my first time making Naan but it was so much fun!

  9. Hi Catherine,
    Thank you for noticing the change on my blog. I changed a few things and really like how it looks now. I also added slide show of my pictures since I love looking at pictures of food :-)

  10. Hi Hamaree,
    Thank you for your compliment. I love garlic also. I think garlic makes everything taste good. Well, maybe not everything. When I was living California, I went to Gilroy which is like a garlic capital of the U.S. and had garlic ice cream. That was not my favorite :-(

  11. im sorry but they look horrible!