Thursday, February 4, 2010

European Creamy Chicken Curry & my injured finger

This creamy chicken curry is a dish which we eat quite often. It is very easy to make but very rich and taste really good. This is a recipe which my husband taught me. He learned it from his mom. Actually, this was the first dish he cooked for me when we started dating so very sentimental dish for me. He likes adding banana to it but I prefer without banana so I did not use banana this time.

Here is the recipe.
European Creamy Chicken Curry
Chicken breast  500g
Heavy Cream   300ml
Coconut Cream 400ml
Curry Powder   4 Table spoon
Chili powder    1 tea spoon
Ginger            size of a thumb.
Salt and Peppeer   for taste
Oil                 1 table spoon
Parsley            1 tea spoon  (optional)

1. Cut the chicken into bite size pieces and grind ginger.

2. Add oil into a frying pan and sauté chicken. Add curry powder and chili powder to it and sauté more.

3, When chicken changed its color, add heavy cream, coconut milk and ginger then bring to boil.

4,  Let it simmer for about 5~10mins until chicken is cooked. Add salt and pepper and adjust the taste. If you think there is not enough curry, add more curry powder. (I like lots of curry powder in it)

5. Serve with rice. It looks great if you sprinkle some chopped parsley on top.

This taste really good and difficult to stop eating. Personally, I like adding lots of ginger so I can taste slight spiciness from the ginger.

By the way, I cut myself pretty deep with a bread knife. I was trying to slice a hard bread and cut my left pointy finger open. The cut was pretty deep and it was bleeding quite a lot so I even thought about going to a doctor but after a while the bleeding stopped and the cut seemed like trying to heal itself so fixed a piece of chopsticks next to my finger and taped it so I don't bend the finger and open the wound which is trying to heal.

Actually, my husband made this construction for me. Can you see that there are two chop sticks on left and right side of my finger? It is like a brace.
My husband used to play basketball when he was in school and this is what he used to do when he injured or something and wanted to keep that part straight. This is great. Now, I don't bend my finger accidentally and open the wound. However, I realized how difficult it is to do anything even though it is just one finger of my left hand. It is amazing how you don't realize this until you injure yourself. I hope it will heal quickly but I feel that scars take longer to heal as I get older...

Anyway, it just takes twice as much time to do anything. Th most problematic area is shower and also washing my hand in a restroom and stuff. Washing dishes are OK because I can just wear the rubber gloves but taking a shower and trying not to wet the finger is very difficult. Also, cooking is difficult with this finger. This sucks. Everyone, please be careful when you cut hard bread. Be very careful...


  1. Oh..poor Mausi, please be more careful next time.
    The chicken curry looks delicious and simple to cook.

  2. Oh oh.please be careful dear and take care...the curry looks delicious...I loved that color of the curry.

  3. OMG Mausi..I hope you feel better. Even with a cut finger you have cooked a splendid meal..PERFECT.!!!.Awesome mouth watering Click..

  4. Sorry about the cut, hope your finger will get better soon! Btw you made such a fabulous chicken curry. I have to try it :-)

    Sawadee from bangkok,

  5. Curry looks yummy .Take care.

  6. Hi Annoco,
    Thank you. I will be very careful from now on. The chicken curry is simple to cook and good!

  7. HI Faiza Ali,
    Thank you! It is getting better now. I also like the color of this dish. I added quite a lot of curry powder so it will get nice color :-)

  8. Hi Dolly,
    Thank you. My finger is healing nicely so I am feeling better :-)

  9. HI Kris,
    Thank you for your comment. Please try this curry. It is really good. I try not to think about calories when I eat this dish :-)

  10. Hi Padhu,
    Thank you! It is getting better so I should be fine in a couple of days :-)

  11. Mausi ,
    YOu are so lucky to have caring partner. Though the injured finger presents a heart rending scene but your chicken curry is alluring .

  12. Hi Deepa!
    Yes, my husband is really good to me. I appreciate him everyday :-) Thanks for your compliment on the curry!