Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Easy! Honey Mustard Smoked Salmon Wrap

During the Christmas Holiday, I went to Manhattan with my parents in laws and had lunch at Demel which is famous for their chocolate and cakes.(Click here for that post)  I ordered Salmon Wrap and this was really really good so I wanted to recreate this salmon wrap at home.

You Don't need to cook anything you just need to assemble it and warp in a flour tortilla. It is so easy and combination of smoked salmon, sweet honey mustard and spicy arugula (rucola) makes it perfect.

My husband does not too fond of fish but even he really liked this wrap. There is no cooking involved but this is how I made it.

Honey Mustard Smoked Salmon Wrap
Ingredients (for 1 wrap)
Smoked Salmon  2 slices
Honey Mustard   1 table spoon
Dill                     1 tea spoon
Arugula (rucola)  a handful
Flour Tortilla  (large one for burrito) 1 sheet

1, Chop dill and mix with honey mustard.
I used this kind of honey mustard. This one was really good.

2, Spread honey mustard with dill on a Tortilla sheet.

3, Add Arugula (rucola) in the middle and also add slices of salmon on top of Arugula. (If you would like, you can add more dills on top of salmon.

4, Just roll it from your side and cut into half.

Super easy isn't it? This taste really good and also look good. I think this is more like a summer dish. It will be also great to cut them into small pieces and serve them as a snack at a party.

Smoke salmon is great to eat with cream cheese on bagel and also in wrap with honey mustard like this. I did not use smoked salmon before but I would like to use this ingredients more often from now on. You don't have to cook and it looks beautiful. I recommend this wrap to you. The important point is to use good Honey Mustard! Enjoy!


  1. I am a sucker for salmon! Honey mustard salmon wrap looks great.

  2. Thats an incredible combo' honey mustard and perfect for salmon.

  3. Hi Angie,
    Thanks! I love salmon also but I haven't really used smoked salmon too often before. I will eat more smoked salmon from now on!

  4. Hi Malar,
    Yes, the combination was amazing! I highly recommend this wrap!