Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Craving for Banana Cream Pie!!!!

I was reading one of my favorite Japanese blog the other day. This Japanese lady (nickname: Ms. Chiblits)  lives in California and her daughter suggested her to start a blog (so it might prevent her from becoming forgetful) and that is how she started her blog. She did not expect this at all but now, to her surprise,  she has a recipe book published in Japan. Click here for her blog in Japanese. She is very humble and her blog gives lots of great tips on cooking and everyday life. (Too bad this blog is in Japanese... but she has some recipes in English also) Here is the link for her English recipe site. 

She has so many great recipes on her blog and she baked Banana cream pie the other day and posted her recipe on it. Ever since I looked at her Banana Cream Pie, I have a craving for it and I was finally able to make it on the weekend.

She also has English version of this recipe so here is the link for her Banana Cream Pie recipe in English.

Her You tube video for making custard cream also have English subtitles and it was very helpful for me so I link it here also. Click here for her you tube video. 

Well, I remember that I had pie dough which I made a few months ago in the freezer so I decided to use it.

After I baked it, I realized that it was not a pie dough. It was actually a tart dough.... I should have write down what it is on the outside.
This tasted good but it was more like a soft cookie so I decided to try another one with the store bought pie sheet which I had in a fridge. (I should have used this in the first place..)
Well, this one also did not come out perfectly because I did not hang the dough over the edge and it shrank. Oh well, I don't have any more pie dough in my freezer so I decided to go with this one.

Add some banana to it.

Made custard cream and spread on top.
And spread whipped cream and toasted almond.

This Banana Cream Pie was so good! My husband and I both love Whipped cream and banana so this is perfect dessert for us. This is definitely something I would like to make again and again in the future.


  1. SURE! I want a large piece! Looks heavenly!

  2. The Banana cream pie must have tasted yummm!!!!! Clicks are so good....

  3. Oh... banana cream pie! I love it! I've never tried making it myself but I should try it. Thanks for this recipe.

  4. Hi Mausi San

    The Banana Cream Pie looks so delicious as well as well decorated. Also thanks for sharing Ms. Chiblits blog . Surely I would visit that. In the meantime, waiting for other Japanese preparations from you as well.



    By the Way: My husband works for Toyota. From whom I learnt few Japanese words.

  5. Great looking and its fantastic...I love banana cream pie..

  6. Hi Angie,
    Sorry, It is all gone!!! :-) It was so good. We ate them all.

  7. Hi Rachana,
    Thanks! I love banana cream pie. It is dreamy :-)

  8. Hi Sook,
    Please try it. I am sure you would love this! I added chocolate syrup on mine to make it extra decadent!!

  9. HI Deepa san,
    Thanks! and that is why you know some Japanese words! As for Japanese dishes, I posted about making sushi roll on Monday. Please check it out! Sometimes, it is difficult to get some ingredients for some Japanese dishes but I will definitely making some Japanese dishes sometimes. Meanwhile, if you go to Japanese food under Category, there are some Japanese dishes I made in the past! Enjoy!!

  10. Hi Nostalgia,
    Thank you for your compliment. I love Banana Cream Pie. It is a great combination. Banana & Cream.... We ate them all :-)

  11. This is absolutely yummy.. Tempting one.. :)

  12. soooo tempting... perfect presentation...!!!

  13. WOW! Really makes me drooling...

  14. Hi Nithya,
    Thanks! It is very tempting. Actually, it is dangerous to have this at home because we eat them all!!

  15. Hi Fathima,
    Thanks! I think it was a good idea to pour some chocolate syrup on top. That makes it look even better!

  16. Hi Anncoo,
    Thanks! I love Banana cream pie. I can eat them everyday :-)

  17. Nice presentation and looks so delicious, thanks for sharing.....