Saturday, February 27, 2010

Chicken Enchilada Mexican Dinner

I love Mexican food. When I was living in California, I had so many good Mexican restaurant in my neighborhood but now I don't have any good Mexican restaurant around my place. I even haven't found a good one in Manhattan. I am sure there are some good Mexican restaurant in Manhattan but I still haven't found yet.  Sometimes I miss Mexican food and when it happens I make it myself.

This one is yet again another Tyler Florence recipe. I checked many other Chicken Enchilada recipe but this one seemed easiest and it's Tyler! He never disappoint me :-)

If you are interested in this recipe, click here for Tyler Florence's Chicken Enchilada recipe on Food Network website. 

First, make the filling with onion, canned green chiles, chipotle chiles, etc.

Add some corn and make it colorful.

Add cooked chicken strips.

The recipe called for corn tortillas but I used flour tortilla instead because that's what I had in my fridge.

Use canned enchilada sauce.

Roll the mixture with the tortilla

Place them in a container with Enchilada sauce and cheddar cheese and put it in the oven.

This container was not enough so I used frying pan as a container also.

After 15mins in the oven, cheese are melted and ready to eat.

Sprinkle chopped green onion & sour cream on top and serve with Mexican rice.

I used this recipe for Mexican rice. Click here for the recipe from Food Network.  This is not Tyler Florence's recipe but it was pretty good. The recipe called for canned tomato but I used leftover tomato salsa instead because it was sitting in my fridge.

This Mexican dinner was a success. I loved it and my husband loved it also. I don't make Mexican food too often so I felt like I accomplished something and was very satisfied. It was great. However, this is quite heavy dish so I recommend eating not too much.

Well, I borrowed some other books from library so I would like to introduce them here. This time, it is Middle Eastern Cook book. I love Middle Eastern food but I never made them at home. But if I like it so much why not trying to make it at home, right? So I borrowed these two recipe books.

One thing I don't like about those books is that there are not too much photos. I love looking at photos in a cook book so it was a bit of disappointment. Plus, I am not sure how some of the dish should look like so when you can not imagine how it looks like, it is difficult to make it for me.

But I know there are at least three dishes which I know how it should look and how it supposed to taste and absolutely my favorite. So I will definitely making those three dishes.

Other than above recipe books, I also borrowed one novel. It is called "A girl with a dragon tattoo"

This is a book from Swedish author and I heard that it was made into movie in Europe. Since my husband also wanted to read this book, we decided to read it together. We would take turns and real aloud to each other.

However every time my husband read to me, I start getting sleepy. It is as if my husband's voice is a lullaby. The other day, I was reading to him and my husband fell a sleep right next to me. I guess whoever read, it makes the other person sleepy. By the way, it is not because of the book. The book is quite interesting and suspense. Since one of us is falling a sleep when the other person read, it seems like ti takes a while for us to finish this book. But we enjoy reading the book together :-)


  1. I haven't had or cooked Mexican food for long....your chicken enchilada looks really comforting!

  2. I love mexican food as well... your enchilada looks restaurant style... Me too love cook books, esp the one w/ photos... Photos really help me make the decision when choosing a dish!

  3. Mausi this looks absolutely delicious! I love Mexican food! Definately saving this in my recipes-to-try folder!

  4. Hi mausi San

    The Chicken Enchilada looks so tasty and mouth watering. I can almost touch the pieces...
    Am following you closely...


  5. Dear Mausi, Ur Chicken Enchilada dinner is making me hungry. I too love TYler Florence's recipes. LOve ur step by step pictorial instructions. Awesome inviting Clicks..

  6. I love Mexican food too :-) This looks too tempting, Mausi..Beautiful pic description !

  7. HI Angie,
    Cooking Mexican food is great, Somehow I felt great about cooking Mexican food. I felt accomplished!

    Hi Fatima,
    I am glad to hear that you also like cook books with photos. When I buy cook books, that is the most important decision making factor. In Japan, most of the cook books has many photos. I was surprised to see cook books without any photos after I moved to the U.S.

    Hi Catherine,
    I am so happy to hear that this recipe made it to your recipe to try folder! It was really good and easy!

    Hi Deepa san,
    Thanks! Mexican food is great. I love them and this recipe used lots of canned product so it was easy!

    Hi Dolly,
    How have you been? I hope you are doing well. I am glad to hear that you also like Tyler Florence's recipes. He never disappoint me!

    HI Gulmohar,
    Thanks! I love cook books with photos so I try to put many photos on my blog also. I need a new camera though!!