Thursday, February 18, 2010

Campbell's Chicken Casserole and Starbucks Ice Cream

I think this dish is something quite popular in the U.S. especially among busy moms. I have heard about it and seen it for a quite some time but I have never made it myself so I decided to try this American classic.

I used "cream of chicken soup with herbs" for this dish. 

It actually was really easy and I spent no time prepping the dish before putting in the oven. There is no cutting or sauteing. I just needed to mix the ingredients together, add chicken on top and stick it into the oven for 45mins. The ingredients are cream of chicken soup, frozen vegetables, water, uncooked rice, chicken and some spices. That's it. Then, after taking out from the oven, sprinkle the chicken with some cheddar cheese. 

This is what came out. 

The taste was OK. Nothing to be amazed about but it was the taste I have expected so it was pretty good. The best part is that it is so easy. You don't even need to cook the rice beforehand. Just mix them together and into the oven. Yes, you have to keep it in the oven for 45mins but you can do something else while it is in the oven. 

I left it in the oven little longer than 45mins so my chickens were bit dry. Nevertheless, I am quite happy with the result and to my surprise my husband liked it quite a lot. 

If you would like to try this dish, here is the recipe. I think you can also use "cream of Mushroom" instead of "Cream of Chicken". 

OK, today I would like to show you the ice cream which I tried the other day and was pretty good. I am sure everybody knows about this product but it is ice cream from Starbucks. This one is coffee flavored ice cream with dark chocolate chips. 
When I drink coffee, I add lots of sugar and milk or cream to it so I like coffee flavored ice cream which has coffee, sugar and milk (or cream?) ! Coffee flavored ice cream was one of my favorite ice cream flavor ever since I was little. (I know, it is a bit strange as a child to like coffee flavor but I guess I was a mature kid :-) Now, I also like Rum Raisin and Coconuts flavors!

I don't eat ice cream too often but a few times a year, I have a craving for ice cream. I had one of that moment the other day and purchased this one. This is a very small cup and perfect size for me. 

I like Starbucks because they always have some new drinks depend on the season. Their coffee is bit too strong for me but I like their sweet drinks. I tend to like coffee with some acidity(tangy taste). My favorite coffee beans are from Kilimanjaro, Tanzania and I used to drink this in Japan but I don't see it much here in the U.S.  I have seen coffee bean from Kenya which might be similar to Kilimanjaro coffee. I don't know but I should give it a try. 

I don't drink coffee everyday but I like drinking it on weekend mornings. Taking time and enjoying the smell and flavor. It also has some phase. Sometimes I feel like drinking coffee everyday and sometimes I will be fine without it for a few weeks. 

Anyway, we have been drinking lots of hot lemon lately so I haven't been drinking coffee at all. Maybe it is time for me to have a cup of coffee this weekend :-) 


  1. Dear Mausi san

    Hi,I am Deepa from Bangalore.Loved the look of your Chicken Casserole as well as Coffee flavored ice cream. The Chicken looked so tempting. Am waiting for some of your Japanese Recipes as well as I am very much curious about your cuisine.



  2. Chicken casserole looks so so irresistible!

  3. Coffee ice cream is my absolute favorite flavor of ice cream. My son is 11 and he loves it too. I have never tried Starbuck's Java chip Frappuccino flavor, I will have to give it a try.

  4. This chicken dish looks fantastic Mausi! I have to try Starbucks ice cream. I didn't even know they made ice cream! But it sounds like its good!

  5. Hi Deepa san,
    Do you speak Japanese? :-) Thank you for your compliment on my chicken. I will make Japanese food sometimes so please keep on coming back! I am very happy to hear that you are curious about my cooking. Arigato!!!

  6. Hi Angie,
    Thanks! It was super easy! Great for busy people!

  7. Hi Monica,
    I am happy to find another coffee ice cream lover. It is funny that your son like it also! He has a very mature taste bud :-) Please try starbucks Java chip Frappucino ice cream. You can find them in a regular super market. It was really good!

  8. Hi Catherine! I am glad that I was able to introduce something new to you! Starbucks ice cream is available in regular supermarket and I really liked it so please give it a try and let me know what you think!

  9. Looks chicken casserole looks so delicious and the ice cream sounds interesting..will try for sure.

  10. hi Pavithra
    Thanks! The chicken was super easy and ice cream was really good! Let me know if you like the ice cream when you try it!