Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Turkish Cuisine & World of Pandora (Avatar 3D)

Ever since I read in the news about people who get depressed after watching Avatar 3D, I wanted to go see it again. This time in 3D. I like the movie when I watched it for the first time but since it was not 3D, it did not really feel like you are in Pandora.

My wish came true last weekend and I went to see Avatar 3D with my husband. I was a bit hesitant to ask him if he wanted to go see it again because we watched it already and I thought maybe he does not watch it again. To my surprise, my husband told me that he was thinking about same thing since his friend told him that he should watch it in 3D. I am glad that we think alike and our opinion matched :-)

Maybe lots of couples have this kind of stuff but it seems like we think alike often times and also we have a similar dreams sometimes during sleep. 

Anyway, Avatar 3D was definitely much better. I did not feel like moving to Pandora or anything like that but the forest scenes were beautiful with all those things flying around you. 

Speaking of 3D, I remembered that I used to own this 3D book about stars and space. It came with a 3D glasses and it feels like all the starts are coming out of the book.  I loved this book so much. So I was telling my husband about this and he told me that he also had a 3D book when he was a little. His book was "Mutant Teenage Ninja Turtle" He told me that his father bought it for him from the U.S. when he was on business trip and my husband was so excited to have this book. 

Well, after the movie, we went to a Turkish restaurant. Ever since I watched Anthony Boudain's "No Reservations, Turkey" I was craving for Turkish food. 

First, we god freshly baked bread with butter and cheese. (I think this cheese was goat cheese)

We had falafel for appetizer since my husband and I both love Falafel. This Falafel was not so great. 

For main, I ordered Kofte Kebab which is ground lamb kebab. I normally don't like lamb too much but I like it when it is ground. It was juicy and well seasoned and really good!

My husband had Chicken Kebab. This was also really good. Super tender and juicy. I wonder how they make it so Tender and Juicy. 

I had Turkish tea after the dinner. This tea was also really good. (I forgot to take a picture). I don't know why but it tasted really good. Is it just in my head? or is this tea something different from regular tea? Maybe the way they brew it is different. Maybe they use special tea leaves from Turkey. I don't know. It was super good! 

So I had a great great day. These simple pleasures make me a happiest person in the world. 

Oh, by the way, of course the food was too big for us so we brought them home and had it next day! 


  1. I loved Avatar, We watched it 3D and its a visual treat for the eyes...Some Shots are stunningly beautiful. I love falafels and absolutely love the turkish tea...

  2. falafel, kebab, Turkish tea...wow wow...

  3. Hi Rachana Kothari,
    Avatar was great. It made me feel like I can actually touch those things which floating around me. 3D was definitely better.

  4. HI Gulmohar,
    I love all those food also! I would try to make Kebab at home this year when it gets warmer. Oh, we still have to go get propane for the grill....