Thursday, January 14, 2010

Teriyaki Yellowtail and the people who want to go bak to Pandora (Avatar)

Continuing my Japanese dinner series, I cooked Yellowtail last night. Yellowtail is one of my favorite fish and I think you are also familiar from Sushi.

I made Teriyaki Yellowtail. I think everyone knows what Teriyaki is but just in case you didn't know, it is a typical Japanese way of cooking with sweet soy sauce based marinade.

I got this BEAUTIFUL Yelwlowfish at the Japanese super market and put them in the freezer. Yesterday, I defrost them and it is still looking great :-)

I salt them and sautéed in pan with some oil.

Then, add Teriyaki sauce (which is soy sauce, sake Mirin and sugar) and sauteed more.

That's it and here you have Teriyaki Yellowtails!

Oh, it was so good. It remind me of home. It is dangerous becauce I can eat lots of rice with this Teriyaki flavor! Look at this shine! Doesn't it look great?

So that was another Japanese dish which I enjoyed.

By the way, have you watched a movie called "Avatar"? I watched it during the holiday and I liked it. Even though the one I watched was not 3D, I think this is a definitely a movie which you should watch in a movie theater rater than DVD.

Anyway, I was reading this Japanese news on the internet and found an article about Avatar. It seems like there are some people who feel depressed after watching Avatar because they don't want to live in this real world and they want to go back to this world in the movie called "Pandora" but they know they can't.

My first thought after I read this was "Wow". I mean I liked the movie but not enough to feel like moving to Pandora. Maybe because I did not watch it in 3D. Now, I feel like I should watch it again, this time in 3D.

I don't really know if this article is truth or if it is a marketing hoax but it got my attention for sure. I want to watch it again in 3D!!!

I hope they are still showing this movie at the movie theater :-)


  1. This is a very delicious dish which I must have when I am in the Japanese restaurant.

  2. Hi Anncoo,
    I love it! If you can find a filet of Yellowtail, it is very easy to make it at home also :-)

  3. Fantastic and seems very simple to do as well.. thanks for introducing yellowtail to me I have to try it out

  4. HI Nostalgia,
    Thanks! Yes, it is very simple. I think you can use this method for chicken also. Then, it will be Chicken Teriyaki!

  5. It looks sodelicious and love the glaze.

  6. Hi Preethi,
    Thank you so much for your compliment! The glaze was great and shining!

  7. wow, this looks great and is easy to make. I want to eat this with rice :)

  8. Hi Emi,
    Thanks for your commnet. Yes, this is great with white rice. You would love it! When I eat something like this, it makes me feel very Japanese :-)