Monday, January 4, 2010

Sukiyaki and the movie "UP"

Sukiyaki is one of Japanese popular hot pot dish with many vegetables and beef and so on. Since we went to a Japanese super market the other day and purchased many different kind of vegetables, we made Sukiyaki at home.

Here is how it looks.

And this is how I made it.

Ingredients (about 3~4 people)
Napa Cabbage 1/4
Tofu (firm)  1
Shiitake   4~5
Enokidake 1/2 pack
Japanese Green Onion 1
Thinly sliced beef  1/2Lb
Bean starch vermicelli  20 sticks
Burdock Root     1
Soy sauce   1/2 cup
Sake           1/3 cup
Sugar          2 Table Spoon
Water         1~2 cups
Oil              1 table spoon

1. Cut all the vegetables and beef into bite size pieces. Cut Tofu into 6~8 pieces.

2. Add oil into a hot pot and start adding vegetables, Tofu, and beef.

3. When the vegetables started to get soft a little bit, add soy sauce, sake, sugar and water.

4. Add bean starch vermicelli and put the lid on.

5. When all the vegetables get soft, it is ready. Eat it with some rice.

I like this sweet soy sauce taste. You can add more or less water depends on how you like it. You can eat lots of vegetables this way.

Yesterday, I watched a DVD called "UP". Before I watch it, I thought it is a movie for a kid so I did not have too much expectation. However, I was surprised how much I liked it. It made me cry, laugh and warm inside.

I think this movie had more effect on me today because of this one old guy I talked to today. My husband and I were queuing for a casher at a super market today and this old guy behind us started to talk to us. He told us about his wife of 35 years passed away and he miss her a lot. He went to a New Years Party and danced until the morning but he prefer having quiet New Year with his wife.

He said the marriage was the best thing happened to him. He seemed so lonely and I felt really sad. So this old man from the super market and the character from the movie overlapped in my mind. By hearing what this old man said and also watching this movie, I thought myself again to appreciate my husband everyday and the life I have with him and not take it for granted. It is easy for take whatever you have for granted. I would like to remember to thank everyday for what I have.

If you think you are taking things for granted and often forget thanking someone of somethings you have, I recommend you to thank them today. It is very easy to do and make you happier and possibly make someone else happier also :-)

If you have a chance, watch the movie "UP". I think this movie is also good for adults.

Also, I would like to thank Anncoo for giving me a Lovely Blog Award. Thank you so much, Anncoo!

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