Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Shortbread cookie dipped in chocolate

I love shortbread cookie! I love it even more when it is dipped in a chocolate :-) I saw a picture of chocolate dipped shortbread cookie on someone's blog and couldn't help but bake for myself a few.

I used recipe from Food Newtwork's Ina Garten. Click here for her Shortbread Cookie recipe.

I was supposed to use cookie cutter for this but I did not have rectangle shaped cookie cutter. I decided to just cut them with knife.

I always have problem rolling the dough. It is so difficult for me to roll the dough. This time was not exception. I tried it and ended up rolling too thin because I was so focused on rolling without breaking and I forgot about how think it should be.

I put the dough together again to roll it out again. But it was difficult to put the dough together. It was flaky and did not stick together. I managed to put them back together and rolled it out again and was able to roll out into a desirable thickness.

I cut them with knife and put them in the oven. This is how it came out.

I know. The size and shapes of the cookies are not all same. Well, that is why you need cookie cutter.

I cooled them and covered with some melted chocolate.

Despite the shape and the size, the taste was excellent. I love the buttery shortbread cookie by itself but it is even better with dipped in chocolate! If I am going to eat something sweet, I might as well make it super good and eat just a little of it.

The recipe was for 20 cookies so I made half of it thinking that it will be 10 cookies. For some strange reason, I ended up with about 20 cookies. Strange...

Anyway, since I have lots of cookies and I don't want to eat them all by myself, I brought them to my next door neighbor. She was so happy. She even joked "Wow, It seem like I am getting something everyday. I wonder what it will be tomorrow!" I am happy that she like my sweets.

If I can make this in better size and shape and wrap them in a nice box, this will be a great gift also. I think I need rectangle shaped cookie cutter....


  1. oh wow!!! short bread with chocolate looks awesome...dfntly a party pleaser..

  2. They look so yummy with chocolate dip on!

  3. Wow, What a beauty. Mausi love your awesome delicious shortbread cookies. THey look perfect even without the cookie cutter.To Top that they are dipped in chocolate, who can say NO!!!!. Spare some for me..please. You get these shortbread cookies for me and I'll make some Indian ginger tea for

  4. Hi Sarah,
    Thanks! It is irresistible combination, isn't it? I don't want to think about the calories.... Well, one or two a day is fine, right?

  5. Hi Angie,
    Thanks! It is very decadent and I highly recommend this :-) It is also good without the chocolate but chocolate makes it extra decadent!

  6. Hi Dolly, Thank you for your compliment! Nobody can say "no" to this decadent shortbread cookies! Indian ginger tea sounds great with this decadent cookies. Hurry, it will be gone soon :-)

  7. Mausi these look superb! So yummy!

  8. Hi Catherine,
    Thanks! It is very rich but super yummy!! I still need to work on my decoration skills....