Friday, January 22, 2010

Sake lees marinated Cod and Seashells from the beach

Sake Lees is called "Sake Kasu" in Japan and it has been used for making pickles, marinating fish and also drinking as "Ama sake". I like Sake kasu marinated cod fish a lot. I found this in a Japanese super market the other day so I bought it and kept it in a freezer.

I defrost it and decided to have a very very Japanese meal. (again :-). Yes, I am Japanese so I don't get tried of eating Japanese food everyday)

The menu was white rice, miso soup with daikon radish, sake kasu marinated cod fish and Natto (fermented beans).

I sateed Cod in a frying pan. It fell apart a little bit but it is OK. Oh, this was so good! It melts in your mouth. It has been marinated for a while so the flavor is definitely there. Since I don't even know how to make this marinade but it is good!

Then, Miso soup with daikon radish.

And, Natto (Fermented Beans). Yes, fermented. I know it sounds awful. Quite honestly, it smells awful. But for those who grow up eating this, it taste great! And, this is very good food for your health. In Japan, it is believed that Natto has many health benefit. I eat it because I like it :-) It is very sticky and smelly. My mom does not like Natto so she hated washing dished after we ate Natto :-)

When I eat those food, I feel very Japanese. I am lucky that I can eat those Japanese food even in the U.S. I also love Cod. This fish is quite popular here also so I think I can find them in a fish market but I am pretty sure that it is quite expensive but I think it is worth it!

By the way, I talked about my parents-in-law picking up some beautiful seashells when they was here. Every time when I go for a walk at the beach, I look for some seashells. I found some quite pretty ones. There are so many shells now but most of them are eaten by seagulls or walked on and broken but those are pretty ones I found.

I can used this for table decoration in Summer and I can use the big one for candle holder or something. Someone suggested to use the big one as a dish for some appetizer and such. I think that is also a great idea! It is great that I can just get these decorations for free!

I realized that there are so many seashells in winter but not in summer. I wonder why. Does the city clean up all the seashells in summer for safety reason? I mean, if you step on those shells with barefoot, it definitely will hurt. Right now, I see so many seashells lying around the beach. I should get them before summer starts  and it all disappear.


  1. This sounds really good Mausi. I love the Miso soup and the picture of that cod looks so good!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. I really eating Japanese food. Simple and healthy. I love cod fish too!

  3. HI Catherine,
    Thank you! Miso soup is easy to make. The cod was super delicious!! Have a great weekend also!

  4. Hi Anncoo,
    Yes, Japanese food is simple and healthy. I should eat more cod!!! It was super good!