Friday, January 8, 2010

Mushroom and bacon pasta & my lovely new electric water kettle!

I still have some more vegetables which I purchased at the Japanese super market the other day so I would like to use those ingredients and make pasta dish. If you have been reading my blog for a while, you might know already that I love mushrooms. In Japanese supermarket, there are many different kind of mushrooms which I normally don't see at my local supermarket.

I can not pass by those beautiful mushrooms without buying them. So I bought Shiitake mushroom, Enoki mushroom, Shimeji mushroom and maitake mushroom. It is a mushroom heaven. I also wanted to buy eringi mushroom and chanterelle mushroom but I already had lots of mushrooms in my cart so I stood in front of those mushrooms and decided not to buy eringi and cahnterelle. (Those were more expensive than other mushrooms..)

I love just sautéing mushrooms with garlic and butter and eat like that. But my husband is not a big fan of mushroom so I thought it might be a bit mean thing to do. So I thought maybe he would like it also if I put those mushrooms into his favorite food "Pasta". I added some bacon to add some flavor to it.

It is super easy and you might not need recipe for this but this is how I made it.

Pasta    250g
Shiitake mushroom   4~5
Enoki mushroom     1/2 pack
Maitake mushroom  1 pack
Shimeji mushroom  1 pack
Garlic                     2 cloves
Bacon                    5 slices
Olive oil                2 table spoon
Butter                   2 table spoon
Red chili flakes   1 tea spoon
Shiso                    2 leaves (for garnish at the end)
Truffle oil            (optional)
Salt and pepper    for taste

1. Cut mushrooms into bite size pieces. Chop garlic. Cut bacon into small pieces. If you are using Shiso (Japanese basil) for decoration, slice them thin for later use.

2. While cooking pasta, add 1 table spoon of olive oil and 1 table spoon of butter into a frying pan. Add garlic and mushroom to sauté. Add red chili flakes and salt and pepper for taste.

3. When pasta is boiled, add pasta into the frying pan with the mushroom. Also add little bit of pasta water into the pan. Saute until everything is mixed well. Add the other 1 table spoon of olive oil and 1 table spoon of butter.

4. Serve in a plate. sprinkle sliced Shiso leaved on top. I also add a little bit of truffle oil on top of the pasta. (If you like Truffle, you would love Truffle oil. Compare to buying the real truffle, the truffle oil is much more reasonable and it smells so good!)

This pasta is heavenly for mushroom lovers. I have be careful not to eat too much.

I also made a simple green salad with corn and shaved Parmesan cheese.

And, yesterday I received the electric water kettle which I had been waiting for! During Christmas holiday, we went to buy this water kettle but the store did not have this color on stock so we had to order it on-line.
I am so excited about this electric water kettle.

 Isn't this beautiful? I love it! As soon as I opened the box, I tried to boil the water. It is super quick! I was just choosing which tea I would drink and before I decide it, the hot water was ready! Next time when I make tea, I have to decide which one I would drink before I make hot water. Maybe I am too slow for this electric water kettle. Anyway, I love this water kettle and I feel like boiling water for no reason.

Also, yesterday I went to fix the zipper of my down jacket. I did not figure out what was wrong so I went in to a tailer which is close by from our house. I went in and said hello and start explaining about my zipper and asked if they can fix it.

I always passed by this tailer but never actually went in. There is always this one guy who is probably in his 50's or 60's. He just looked at the zipper and told me to wait.

He went into the back and brought some kind of tool and start working on my jacket. He did not say anything but worked silently. I watched him silently.

About 1 minute later, he said "OK. Done" and my zipper was fixed. I was so happy. I asked him how he did it and he said "Magic" and he smiled. I asked him how much will it be and he said I don't have to pay anything. It was very nice of him to do that because he could have totally charge me. Everybody is struggling now in this economy and everybody is trying to figure out how much more money he/she can make. But he just fixed it for free :-) Maybe this is a good way of doing business because I will definitely
 go back to him if I have anything I need a tailer. I hope his business will flourish. He did not talk too much but he had an accent in his English. I wonder which country he came from. Maybe I will ask him next time when I go there.

I was feeling quite happy yesterday because of all these good things happened to me so I baked apple cake. I will post it tomorrow.

Here is the electric water kettle I bought. If you are interested in, you can click the link below and go to Amazon to see many different kinds of electric water kettles.

And here is the link for Truffle oil if you are interested :-)


  1. Mushroom and Bacon Pasta sounds great and looks so delicious..Nice clicks too
    First time here..cute space..keep rocking!!!!

  2. Hi Sarah,
    Thank you for your compliment. Please come visit again sometimes. Thanks!

  3. I like mushrooms too and garlic flavour sounds too good. Yeah too many varieties...some are really expensive. I like shittake mushrooms:) Pasta looks delicious:)

  4. Dear Mausi, what a beautiful write-up and the selfless act of the tailor who fixed ur jacket for free. These gestures make one so happy. Also love ur new tea kettle. Since I love to have tea anytime, i guess I'll join you for tea

    For a mushroom lover like me, this Mushroom pasta recipe is awesome. Easy and delicious and love ur clicks.

  5. Hi Malar Gandhi,
    Mushroom and garlic is a great combination, isn't it? I also love Shiitake mushroom. It is the most common mushroom in Japan. Lately, I see them sometimes at my local supermarket which is great!!

  6. Hi Dolly,
    Yes, those small kind act makes me very happy. When someone is nice to me, I want to be nice back to that person. So I always try to be nice to everybody I meet. It does not work all the time, though. Some times people are so angry and even when I try to be nice, they wouldn't be nice back to me.. Oh well, I just have to try, right?

    And water kettle is great. I love it. It is super fast!!

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