Thursday, January 28, 2010

Homemade Chicken noodle soup and My favorite Yogurt "Fage"

Some of you might know already that I make my own chicken stock whenever I buy or make roasted chicken. If you would like to see how I make it, click here.

I made chicken stock again last weekend so yesterday I made chicken noodle soup from this chicken stock.
This soup is very popular in the U.S. especially when you are sick. In Japan, we often eat rice porridge when we are sick. I like Chicken noodle soup even when I am not sick because it is simple and light.

My Chicken noodle soup is very simple, I just add carrots, celery, chicken and egg noodle. Sometimes, I don't even add chicken in it but with the homemade chicken stock, it taste really good even without chicken in it. Seasoning is just little bit of salt. I don't add salt when I make chicken stock so I can adjust when I cook.

Today, I would like to show you my favorite yogurt. It is called "Fage" (pronounced "Fa-Yeh". that's what it said in the package) It is very thick and creamy greek yogurt. If you live in the U.S., I am sure that you've seen them at your local supermarket. It is getting pretty popular.

I never really was keen on yogurt until I eat this yogurt. This is totally changed my concept of yogurt. It is super thick and creamy and rich. I eat this as a dessert. Usually, we buy honey and strawberry. My husband love honey one and I like strawberry one. But both of them are really good. Honey and strawberry are packages separately so you can either mix them all and eat or scoop little bit of strawberry and yogurt and eat as you can see below.

I like eating this way.

This yogurt is just so good. It is totally different from the yogurt which I grew up with. I wonder if this is really common yogurt in Greece. I never been to Greece so I am not sure but if you have eaten yogurt in Greece, let me know if all the yogurt in Greece is rich like this.

If you see this yogurt, please try it once. If you like yogurt, you would love it and even if you don't like yogurt, I think you would like it! I know you can find them in a local supermarket in the U.S. but I am not sure about other areas in the world. I checked Japan but it seems like it is a bit difficult to buy this kind of yogurt in Japan. I hope you will find them at your local supermarket :-)

I found in Amazon also :-) Though, it seems like they only have plain...

I have been to Greek Restaurant but I have never been to Greece. That will be one of the place I would like to visit someday. I love Greek food. They have good seafood and also Moussaka. I will try making Moussaka at home sometime. (Even tough there is one person in my household who does not like eggplant too much....) 


  1. Mausi, Please pass me that bowl of hot and comforting Chicken Noodle soup. Its so good for you. I make it a lot as my kids cannot have enough of this awesome goodness in a bowl soup. Also its so easy,delicious and so healthy for you. Thanks for the info abt this Fage Yoghurt.Will look it up. LOoking forward to ur Moussaka Recipe. I have never tried making it at home.

  2. Chicken noodle soup looks so soothing, and delicious.

  3. soup looks so delicious and comforting.

  4. Hi Dolly, It is great that your kids like healthy chicken soup! Please try Fage yogurt if you find them. They are soooo good!

  5. Hi Angie,
    Yes, Chicken noodle soup is very soothing. When you ate too much of heavy meal for a few day, chicken soup seems to calm your systems. I love it!

  6. Hi Preethi,
    Thanks! I think the key to chicken soup is making your own chicken stock. It makes a huge difference!

  7. Hi Sarah,
    Thanks! homemade chicken stock is great thing to have in your freezer!