Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year with Cilantro Sauce

Happy New Year everyone! 2010 is finally here and I am very happy and hopeful that this year will be a great year.

Anyway, we made our favorite Cilantro sauce for the new year. (Actually, my husband made it this time).
Since we kept adding things in order to make it right, we were not sure about measurement at the end. I will try to measure everything next time so I can post the recipe next time.

This time, we added some yogurt and sour cream to make it creamy sauce. It came out pretty good. We love cilantro sauce. My husband did a great job making creamy tasty cilantro sauce. He also took this lovely picture for my blog.

Happy new year with the cute piggy.

We ate this sauce with avocado and with mini pita bread. We had quite a lot of sauce but we finished this sauce in one day. It was so good.

When we went to "Spice Market" the other day for dinner, we had Samosa with Cilantro yogurt sauce. This was really good. I would like to try making Samosa this year!

On New Year's day, many Japanese people go to temple or shrine to pray for a good year. Since we don't have temple or shrine close by, we made a small shrine in our living room and light a incent stick and prayed for a good year to come.

We also went to a big Japanese supermarket in NJ. I thought there will be no body to go for a grocery shopping on New Year's day but I was so wrong. There were so many people at the store. I think it was because they were having some kind of new year's event at the store. They had a show with "Shishimai" and they also were making rice cake and giving them out.

We ate ramen noodle at the food court and then shopped all the Japanese ingredients after that. I was so happy to buy things which I can not find in a local supermarket. Even though, the store was full of people, there were not too much traffic on the road so it was much faster to get there and come back.

We got "Negitoro" from the store and made sushi roll. For some reason, the rolling and cutting was more difficult yesterday than other times so our sushi roll did not look too good but it sure tasted good!

I love Negitoro (chopped toro(best part of tuna) and green onion). And it was really cheap. I wish I had this supermarket close by so I can get Negitoro more often :-)

We also made California roll since we had avocado and imitation crab at home.

We had a great start for the 2010. I am excited about cooking a lot and blogging about it this year! Oh, one thing I am bit upset about is that our cable company could not reach agreement with Food Network and HGTV so we can not watch Food Network and HGTV any longer.

I love Food Network so I am really disappointed. What is the point of having TV when you can not watch Food Network? Oh well, I hope they can find some kind of solution for this. I am sure there are so many upset customers like me over this incident.

Anyhow, I look forward cooking this year. Please come see them sometimes. I wish everybody a happy 2010!!!


  1. Hello! I'm giving you the Kreativ Blogger Award, hop over to my blog and see who else has been nominated!

  2. Hi Catherine,
    Thank you for the award. I am very honored. I am excited about blogging more this year!