Thursday, January 21, 2010

Chicken Jalfrezi Curry with Patak's help

This one is not really cooking because I used pre-made curry sauce for this. I like this brand called "Patak". I have tried some of their product and I liked most of them so far (except one). If you are interested in the one product which I did not like, click here for the previous post about this particular product. So overall, I like this brand. They have some really good stuff.

It seems like this company was founded by an Indian guy who moved to England so this company is in England. Do you remember I got this Jamie Oliver's new cook book for Christmas?

 He also talks about this brand in his book. It seems like it is a very popular brand in England. And, I see this brand in my local super market also so it is getting popular in the U.S. also.

Of course he tells us in the book how to make your own curry paste and stuff but he also tell you that it is OK to use these product if you don't have time to make the paste but would like to eat delicious Indian food at home.

Anyway, I went to my local supermarket the other day and found Patak's curry sauces are on sale. There are some sauces which I had never tried so I got one which I haven't tried. This was "Jalfrezi Curry". I had no idea how it taste.

I just followed the recipe on the side of bottle. It was just cutting up some chicken and sauté and add the sauce to it and serve with basmati rice. It is not really cooking but putting together, I would say.

This was surprisingly delicious! It was not spicy at all but sweet and tangy. It got some bell peppers in it also. I loved it! This was a very first time I have eaten this dish but I was glad that I found this curry. I don't know where the sweetness and tanginess are coming from but I would love to learn how to make this at home from scratch.

I have wrote a few times about this Indian lady whom I used to live with (and she is like my mother/sister who take care of me) but every time I make some kind of Indian food, I want to tell her because she is a great cook and I know she will be very proud of me making Indian food :-) Though, this was not really cooking. I wish she is close by so I can learn a lot of cooking from her. I regret that I did not learn too much when I was living there. Well, I definitely develop a great taste bud while I was living with her :-)

Anyhow, I am happy to find this new Indian dish (well, new to me). I get really excited when I encounter some dish which I never tasted and taste really good. There are so many dishes in the world which I don't know and surely taste good.

With this curry, I also had a small Caesar salad. Nothing special. Just salad :-)

So, if you find this sauce from Patak, I recommend you to try. If you like it spicy, maybe this is not a perfect sauce for you but if you like sweet and tangy taste, I am sure you would like this also. Patak has many different kind of product. If you have your favorite Patak product, please let me know! I would like to try other product from them.


  1. Hi

    Chicken curry looks nice..colourful and easy to make when you have Pataks!!! i do use sometimes pataks jars..

  2. Hi Jagruti,
    Thanks for your compliment. I am happy to hear that you also use Patak sometimes. It is super easy and I love it. Actually, I bought two other kinds today. I am looking forward to trying those two also!

  3. Hi,

    You can find the recipe for Chicken Jalfrezi at Here's the link for your reference.

    This is one of my favorite chicken recipes. It is easy to make and really delicious when you make it from the scratch.

    Enjoy :-)