Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Walnut Salad and Suqid Ink Pasta with seafood

I had this squid ink pasta in my pantry and I wanted to use this for a shilw but did not know what I should add to this pasta. I checked freezer and found some frozen seafood mix (squid, shrimp and scallop) so I made this squid ink pasta with some sauted seafood in a garlic oil.

I just fried some garlic in olive oil and took out the garlic, then add some sliced onion, add some red pepper flakes and then add seafood and sake (I think White wine is better if available. I did not have White wine so I used sake).

When the pasta is boiled, mix well with seafood and that was it.

I this it was good to add some onion because it added some sweet flavor to the dish.

Squid ink pasta does not look too good (especially in a photo) but it taste good. I think it is common in Italy and this kind of pasta or risotto are also popular in Japan. In Japan, it is much easier to find squid in a regular supermarket so I guess it is also easy for people to find squid ink in a regular super market.

It taste good but when you use real squid ink, your mouth and teeth look all black after you eat so I might not recommend this dish for your first date :-)

Nontheless, if you like seafood it is worth trying at least once if you have a chance.

I made salad on the side. This salad is something I always make. It is just simple romain lettuce, tomato, candied walnuts, carrots and corn. I use store-bought Caeser dressing for this salad. Sometimes, I add mushroom or avocado.

This salad also can be a meal itself. I love candied walnuts in this salad. You can buy it in a supermarket or you can make your own. I did not know hot to make it so I just pour maple syrup on walnuts and baked in a oven for a while and let it cool after. (The syrup might stick to the foil when it cooled so I suggest taking off the foil when it is still hot. but be careful not to burn yourself)

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