Thursday, December 17, 2009

Turkey Sandwich with Cilantro Mayonnaise

We had a light sandwich dinner last night. Normally, we use regular mayonnaise but yesterday I added some cilantro sauce to the mayonnaise to make Cilantro mayonnaise.

I made this Cilantro sauce a day before yesterday since there were some Cilantro left in the fridge and I did not want it to go bad. I added some garlic, chili powder, olive oil, lemon, water, cumin but since it was not spinning well in the blender so I kept adding more water and ended up with very watery sauce.

It is a bit too watery to use it on its own so I added to mayonnaise for the sandwich.

It was great. When it was the sauce it self, the garlic taste was really strong but when it combined with mayonnaise, it was not too strong and subtle Cilantro and garlic taste.

It might be a bit difficult to see in the photo because the lighting was not great but the mayonnaise is a beautiful light green.

We added some Turkey breast, lettuce and cheese to it. It was delicious! If you have leftover cilantro in your fridge, I recommend making a sauce and add it to mayonnaise. I think this is also a great for dipping some vegetables or french fries.

We enjoyed our sandwich and watched two DVDs last night. We watched "Angels and Demons" and "House bunny". Both of them were pretty good. "Angles and Demons" is a suspense and "House bunny" is a comedy.

I think I actually liked "Angel and Demons" better than "The Da Vinci Code".  Maybe because there was Ewan McGregor in it?  Well, that was a plus but I also actually liked the story. Though, since I don't know much about Christianity, there are many words which I did not know so I had to stop the DVD and ask my husband what it is quite often during the movie.... (Since my husband already watched this movie before, he did not mind my stopping and asking during the movie. I was quite surprised that he knows lots of Christian terms in English. Well, it sure helped me to understand this movie). In the movie, they also talk about "antimatter". Though this is the subject of physics,  I also asked about this to my husband. He explained it to me. I think I kind of understand.... It is a difficult subject for me but it is also interesting. I researched about it more on-line and am very impressed with people who think about those things everyday. Maybe I should read more about Physics sometimes.

"House Bunny" was this silly comedy which you watch when you don't want to think too much or just laugh at silly things. It was silly but some part of it made me laugh and it was cute.

One of my favorite movie from Ewan McGregor is "Big Fish". I love this movie. It makes me cry every time I watch it. If you have a chance, please check this movie out :-)

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