Monday, December 7, 2009

Pakistani feast

On Friday night, one of our friend invited us over for dinner. She is from Pakistan so she made some pakistani dishes for us. I went to her place ealry so I can learn some techniques from her.

One of the things my husband really liked was this cilantro sauce. It is very simple but tasted great. I can make this at home!

The salad was also great. It was very simple salad with red onion, tomate and cilantro with limon juice but it was very refreshing and went great with some of the spicy food we had.

She loves cooking and she was very happy to have us there. She has a very busy schedule but she went out of her way for this dinner and cooked so many dishes. I really appriciate her having us over. It was great!

I was so excited to eat all the different dishes, I forgot to take pictures of some of them. For main course, we had chicken dish, Shrimp briyani, califlower dish and potate&spinach dish. There are no picture of califlower and potate spinach dish but they were also really good. I love the spicy califlower.

There was another couple with us and we were total of 5 people. We had a lot of laugh and great time. I hope we can do this again.

For dessert, I made cookies at home and brough them there and also we made bread pudding together. Both of them were delicious. I will post those pictures tomorrow.

It is so much fun to cook with your friends. I used to do that often with my friends when I was in California but I had not done that for a while. I should do this more often :-)

Anyways, the winter is definitely coming. It is very cold today. Yesterday was cold but very sunny so my husband and I went for a walk on the beach. There is a newly build hotel on our beach so we decided to have a break during our walk and had a tea. It was very nice hotel and I liked having hot tea over looking nice shining ocean.


  1. Everything looks so delicious! I love the looks of that cilantro sauce. Send a plate over to me! :)

  2. So nice to have a wonderful Pakistani food. Hope you can post some of the recipe you had learned.

  3. Hi Catherine,
    I agree. Cilantro sauce looks good and tasted even better. I think you can use this sauce for lots of things if you like cilantro. I love it and my husband loved it even more :-)

  4. Hi Anncoo,
    Yes. Everything tasted so good! Since cilantro sauce was really good and easy, I would like to try that sometimes at home. I thought it might be also great to add yogurt to that cilantro sauce :-)