Saturday, December 26, 2009

Garlic dip and Guacamole

We had sandwiches for lunch yesterday with Chips. We used the garlic dip which we made on Christmas Eve for the pasta and we also made my favorite guacamole. Those dips are so easy to make and very useful  so I would like to share the recipe with you all.

Garlic dip

Sour Cream 1lb
Chives         1/4 cup
Garlic          1 or 2 cloves (depend on your taste preference and freshness of the garlic)
Salt and Pepper   for taste

1. Chop Chives and add them into sour cream. Grind garlic and also add it to the sour cream.

2. Mix them well

3. Add salt for taste

This is super easy and can be used for many different things. You can use this for pasta, chips or veggie sticks. Possibilities are limitless. I hope you like this simple dip!

I made guacamole also. This is something I make quite often. It is also easy and good.


Avocado    2
Rome tomato 1
Shallot          1
Cilantro        1/4 cup
Lime             1/2
Green Chile  1
Garlic           1 clove
Salt             for taste

1. Peel Avocado and take the seed out and put avocado into a bowl and add lime juice and  smash it.

2. Chop tomato, Shallot and Cilantro and add them into the avocado.

3. Grind Garlic and add it to avocado mix.

4. Take the seed of green chile. Chop it into tiny pieces and add them into avocado mix.

5. Mix them all well. Add salt for the taste.

You can eat it with Tortilla chips or you can even use this for your sandwich with Turkey breast or something. This is also great dip for many use.

I hope you enjoy these dips!


  1. Thanks for sharing the guacamole recipe.its my favorite

  2. Hi Shahana,
    You are welcome. Avocado is my favorite also! I hope you like my guacamole recipe!