Thursday, December 24, 2009

Cuban lunch with our landlord

We have meal with our landlord a few times a year and we wanted to have one last get together before this year ends. So we invited over our landlord for lunch. We decided to make Cuabn food which we leanred the other day at the cooking class.

Our menu was Picadillo, Yellow rice and tostones.

Since my husband team learned how to make picadillo, we decided that he will be in charge of Picadillo and I will be in charge of Rice and Tostones.

Ground pork was sold out at the super market so we had to grind on our own.

This is the Picadillo my husband made.

It had olives, rasins, bell peppers, almond and some other vegetables and it taste so good! I like the crunch from the almond.

This is the rice I made.

This actually came out better than I thoguht and I love this rice. I will be making this more often.

And this is Tostones.

I think Toastones took longer than other dishes becuase you have to fry them once.

Then, smash them.

Then fry them again until it is crispy.

Everything came out great and our landlord liked them a lot.

We had a great time together. They are so nice and funny. Their story always make me laugh so much. I really like them and we feel very lucky to have such a wonderful landlord.

They brought very rich Chocolate cake and we had it after lunch.

We are very happy with the Cuban food we made and we will be making more of these food in the future, I think. I am glad that we learned something really good at the cooking class. It was fun to cook with my husband :-)

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