Thursday, December 3, 2009

Cold Ramen Noodle

Cold Ramen noodle is something you normally eat in hot summer time. Howverer, I had one cold ramen noodle package left in the freezer so I had to use this. Probably, I could have made this into hot ramen noodle but I also had tomato and cucumber in my fridge so made cold ramen noodle.

The sauce was sesame flavored sauce and it is great with cold ramen noodle and vegetables. The yellow thing is egg. It suppose to have some chicken also but I did not have chicken at home so decided to skip that.

I also had side salad with the noodle. I didi't think it was a great idea because the cold ramen noodle itself was like a salad so it seemed like we had two salads. Oh well, good to eat lots of vegetables, right?

On Thansgiving, our friend gave us this package of Fererro chocolate. The white one in the middle line is my favorite. (You can tell from the picture, I guess) It is coconut flavor and it is so good! I wonder if I can purchase this coconut ones only :-) If you like coconut, I am pretty sure that you will like this one also :-)

Today, it is a beautiful weather in NY. It supposed to go up to 18C (65F). I can not believe it is Dec. This is so nice. Sunny warm wether makes me so happy. It is amazing how the weather affect my mood.
I think this is true to many people since everybody in my neighborhood is happy today :-)

I should go for a bike ride to enjoy this perfect weather. Hope everyone is having a wonderful day also.

I don't know why but it seems like my spell check fuction is not working. I am sorry for the misspelling in advance :-)

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