Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Shrimp and sour cream pasta dinner and present exchange!

Merry Christmas!

It is a Christmas time and my parents-in-laws are here. Yesterday, we went to a super market in the morning to buy all the stuff we need for a next few days. These were so many people at the super market but we were able to get whatever we need and came back home safely.

After that, we had the butternut squash soup which I made the other day. and then we went for a long walk.

There is a hotel which is build by the beach (They opened this year late summer) so we decided to walk there. It is a very nice modern hotel and my parents-in-laws liked it! We had some tea and cake by the window seats and had a nice time there.

After we came home, we relaxed a little bit and then start cooking for dinner. At my husband's home, they make this Shrimp sour cream pasta dish for Christmas so we made it here also.

It was so tasty and really good!

My mother-in-law is awesome at decoration so she made a beautiful Christmassy table decoration. Isn't it cute?

In Germany, it seems like they open Christmas Present at Christmas Eve so we decided to do it Germany way and exchange our Christmas presents.

It was so much fun and we got so many great presents.

One of the presents was Jamie Oliver's new cook book. This has lots of great recipes in it. I am excited to cook something from this book. Here is the link to Amazon if you are interested in.

Then, another favorite thing is a "Electric Kettle". We are going for a shopping together and my parents-in-laws will buy this for me. I always wanted to get this kettle ever since I saw in at their house in Germany so I am quite excited about this present also. Here is how it looks. These kettles boil the water so quickly, you will be surprised. I don't know which brand of this kind of kettle is better in the U.S. so we will go to the store together and find the best one!

This is the one I found on Amazon. I don't know how long this takes to boil water but this is how it should look.

In a next few days, we are going to Manhattan for a shopping. Our parents-in-laws told us to think about what we want before we go shopping but I will be happy just to get the electric kettle! 

They also loved what we gave and we are very happy about it! 

We had a great Christmas Eve. I hope everybody who read this blog also had a great night! 


  1. HI Shahana,
    Thank you very much and Happy Holidays to you too!