Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Candied Orange and lemon peel

Tomorrow, my husband's parents are coming to visit NY from Germany. Since it is a Christmas time, I wanted to learn how to make Stollen from my mother-in-law. She told me all the ingredients we need. One of the ingredients were candied orange peel and candied lemon peel.

I have been trying to find candied orange and lemon peel but I am having a very difficult time. I went to a baking supply store in Manhattan, Whole Food, Williams Sonoma and local supermarket etc but I had no luck. A lady at Williams Sonoma said to me "Well, it might be easier to make your own than trying to find them somewhere. I saw Martha Stewart making it the other day on TV."

I never thought about making my own candied orange and lemon peel but I searched for some recipe on line and I found lots of recipes with great looking pictures.

I referred to below blogs for the recipes to make candied orange peel and candied lemon peel.
 Use real butter (Candied Orange Peel) and Luna Cafe (Candied lemon peel)
Both of them are great blogs and has beautiful photos. I am glad that I came across those blogs.
Please check out their blogs for recipes. They are loads of great recipes and photos.

It was a lot of work to take the peel off oranges and lemons.

Drying on the rack.

It is drying now. I hope we can use this to make Stollen. It was quite a lot of work but I think they look beautiful.


  1. Really cool that you are doing your own candiet orange.. I made some fruit cake and got a mixed candied fruit and was not happy at all. Thanks for the recipe

  2. They do look beautiful Mausi! The best part is the smell of the citrus!
    Happy Holidays & Happy New Year! :)

  3. HI Nostalgia,
    I did not know that I can make my own candied orange and lemon. I was surprised that I couldn't find them in a store. The lemon was bit bitter but the orange was good!

  4. Hi Catherine,
    I love the smell of citrus! My candied lemon and orange came out pretty good. I coated those with sugar and it is looking pretty good. Happy holidays to you too!

  5. Thank you so much for mentioning LunaCafe. :-) I had the same difficulty finding candied lemon peel that tasted like real lemons. Now that I have crossed the "make it myself" barrier, I will never go back. It is so incredibly delicous when homemade. Yours looks wonderful! Best...Susan

  6. Hi Susan,
    Thank you! for sharing your recipe. I liked candied lemon and orange. It is good just like that as a snack!