Friday, November 6, 2009

Tyler Florence's Hunter's Minestrone

Welcome to 7th Kitchen!

Tyler Florence's Recipe never let me down. I love his recipes. This one is from one of the book I have from him called "Tyler's Ultimate". I wanted to make something hearty and also nutritious so I decided to make this minestrone for the first time in my life.

The result was very satisfying. It has lots of vegetables in it but it also has pork sausages so it is very satisfying.

I also made some garlic toast for side dish. I drizzles some olive oil onto french baguette and rub raw garlic on the surface and toasted in the oven for a few minuets. I also rubbed the garlic after I toasted the bread. It was really good. I normally do not eat too much bread but this one was really tasty and I enjoyed them.

It is getting cold here in NY and I think I will be making more soups. It is perfect for the cold winter night.

This winter, I would like to try some other soups like asparagus or mushroom.

I highly recommend this recipe. You can check out this recipe from food network website. If you are interested in, please click here.

If you are interested with his book, you can purchase from Amazon.


  1. This soup looks good. Will check this book at the book store.

  2. Hi Anncoo,

    Thanks! I love his recipes. I hope you will find the book. He has a few cook books but currently I only have this one. I will try his other books sometimes.