Monday, November 9, 2009

Spaghetti alla Carbonara & Arugula salad

Welcome to 7th Kitchen!

We were thinking about baking yesterday but it was quite warm outside and did not feel like baking so we were building the book shelf which we bought yesterday from IKEA. We realized that we need a hummer which we don't own. So went to our neighbors to borrow a hummer. Then, we ended up having a drink with them on a porch since it was such a beautiful day.

We also went for a long walk at the beach. Everybody was having a great time. Many people were wearing short sleeves. I wish this nice weather stay for a while.

Even though we did not bake, we made nice dinner. I love carbonara and one of my favorite carbonara is from a restaurant called "Osteria" in Palo Alto, CA. I often times dream about their carbonara. Though my carbonara is not as good as their carbonara, it was pretty good. Some people add heavy cream in their carbonara but I like it without heavy cream. It gets really creamy even without heavy cream.

My carbonara still need some improvement in order to taste like the one from "Osteria" but I think I am getting there. Next time, I will use real Pancetta instead of bacon.

I also made arugula salad with candid walnuts, dried cranberry and feta cheese with raspberry vinaigrette I love this combination.

It seems like the weather will be nice also today. I think I should take my bicycle out and ride it because pretty soon it will be cold cold winter around here and I will no be able to ride my bicycle.


  1. Welcome back, Mausi. Your carbonara looks yummy. When I cooked this, eggs turned out scrambled egg :( , so I didn't post pictures on my blog.

    Anyways, I tried your sweet potato pie recipe on the weekend. It turned out really good. I mentioned about your blog in my blog. I hope it was okay for you.

  2. HI Emi!
    Thank you so much for trying sweet potato pie recipe. I am glad that you liked it. Did you try it with Japanese sweet potato? I think it is sweeter.

    About carbonara, I turned the heat off when I add the egg to avoid becoming scrambled. Also,I mixed it really quickly. My arm was getting tired :-)

    Anyways, thank you for mentioning about my blog in yours.