Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sausage & Bell Pepper, Onion and shiitake mushroom

This is our dinner from Monday. It is just Italian sausages and bell peppers, onion and shiitake mushroom. Sometimes I make this dish. This is something my former roommate used to make on weekend. It is simple and easy and good.

I saute onion and bell peppers really well so it is caramelized and taste excellent.

I cook sausage in a little bit of water in a pan then add vegetables and saute for a while because I want to cook though the sausages all the way. This trick I leaned from an Indian lady I used to live with. She taught me a lot of stuff and I am very thankful :-)

I added Shiitake Mushroom this time because I found them in a supermarket. They don't carry it all the time so if I see it in the store, I buy them. I love shiitake mushroom. It is very tasty mushroom. If you don't like mushroom, it might be too strong for you but if you like mushroom, you would love it!


  1. That looks scrumptious and and appetizing!!Perfect with rice.

  2. Hi Kothiyavunu,
    Yes, I like eating the sausage and pepper with rice :-) I know that sausage is not so great for your health but I just have to have it sometimes!