Sunday, November 8, 2009

Mexican dinner and IKEA shopping

Welcome to 7th Kitchen!

I don't have any picture today but I will report what I did and ate on Friday night and Saturday.

On Friday night, I went to Manhattan to meet up with my husband and his friends for dinner. We went to a Mexican restaurant called "Mama Mexico". I have been to this restaurant before and I liked it so I decided to go there again.

Initially, we wanted to go to other places such as Cuban, Lebanese or Russian but we did not know the exact number of people until the last minute so when we tried to make reservation, all the restaurants were booked already. After all, it is Friday night. Even though we are in recession, people still eat out on Friday night, I guess.

I had pina colada and Shrimp dish at the restaurant. It seems like everybody else liked the food also so I was very happy.

Since I still have a jet rug, I went home after the dinner. On the way home, I felt sick and dizzy so I have to get off the train and have some fresh air. Our train does not come too often so we had to wait for about 30mins for the train to come again. I could not slept well the night before because of the jet rug so maybe that is why I felt dizzy.... Well, I got home safely and went to bed.

On Sat, we went to IKEA to buy a book shelf. We also had lunch at IKEA. I had salmon and my husband had meatballs. IKEA is really cheap. We had a nice simple book shelf for a very reasonable price. I am excited to have this book shelf so our house will be more organized.

I also wanted to get a new shoes because the one I always ware got a hole in it. I like this kind of easy slip on shoes for everyday use and I found one from VANs which is slip on (no shoe races) and very comfortable. It said $39.99 and I brought it to the casher and it turned out that the shoe was on sale and it was $9.99. I could not believe the price. I was happy to make a big saving on my new shoes!

Today, we are planning to bake something together. It makes me very happy to bake something on a cold sunday afternoon and fill the house with a warm delicious smell of sweets! Oh, but I have to be on a diet since I gained some weight in Japan. Big dilemma....


  1. I love Ikea, too! We always eat lunch there after we shop. My husband can't resist the meatballs.

  2. Hi Happy Nester! Thank you for your comment. I also love IKEA. We always eat there when we shop. We always end up buying something we did not planned. I also like their cinnamon rolls and frozen yogurt!