Monday, November 23, 2009

Magnolia Bakery's Banana pudding

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Magnolia Bakery got really famous after they were in a episode of "Sex and the city" and they are famous for their cupcakes. But I really like their banana pudding.

Our friend brought this banana pudding one day and my husband and I really liked it. Every time when we go to Bleecker st, we see a long line in front of Magnolia bakery and we normally give up just by looking at the line.

The other day, I found out that they have stores in Rockefeller center and uptown. I was going to a restaurant in Midtown on Friday night with my friend from California so I decided to stop by at the bakery.

There was no line in front of the store so I went in. There were many people in the store but since they have a few different ordering windows for different kind of order, I did not have to wait to long to order. So I bought 2 banana pudding. One for ourselves and one for my friend because I wanted her to try it also.

Oh, I love this banana pudding. It is pretty rich so I can not eat them a lot at once but I just have a few spoons at a time and I am satisfied.

I highly recommend this banana pudding. If you have chance to come to NY, try this banana pudding!

I would love to re-create this banana pudding at home but I am not quite sure what kind of cream they use. I hope I can re-create this sometimes at home ;-)

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