Friday, November 20, 2009

Japanese breakfast Dinner

Welcome to 7th Kitchen!

My husband did not dinner last night so I made a Japanese breakfast dinner for myself. In my house, we always had Japanese traditional breakfast such as rice, miso soup, fish, egg etc. Now a days, many people eat bread or cereal for breakfast but I always had Japanese traditional breakfast when I was living with my parents.

Sometimes, I miss these Japanese breakfast. When I was eating them everyday, I did not think about anything but now I miss it sometimes.

I made rice with some different grains. It is quite popular in Japan now to add some different type of grains in your rice since it is considered healthy.

Miso soup is easy to make if you have miso paste. You can add different kind of vegetables in it. I had onion so I added onion and dried seaweed (wakame) and tofu in it last night. My miso paste is running out. I need to go get it sometime soon. I remember my mom used to make her own miso at home. She would boil soy beans and add some stuff and keep them in a big container and keep it in a cool place for a long time. I use miso paste from supermarket.

Since I did not make egg or fish last night, I made this vegetable dish which is called "Kinpira Gobou" Gobou is a popular root vegetable in Japan but I don't see it here much. In dictionary, it says "a burdock root". This is vegetable is considered pretty healthy in Japan and used for many kind of dishes. "Kinpira Gobou" is one of the most known dish for this vegetable. It is seasoned with soy sauce, mirin, sake, sugar. Also you add some red chili flakes and sesami seeds. In a Japanese supermarket, they sell this vegetable already cut and frozen. It is very convenient to have this in the freezer because I can not get this vegetable in a local super market.

The last but not least is "Fermented Beans". I know. It sounds horrible. And yes, it smells horrible. BUT it taste good! I mean I kind of grew up with it so I like it despite the smell. It is very popular in Japan. My mom never liked this fermented beans but my father, my sister and I would eat them so my mom has to suffer from the smell. (she hates it especially when she does the dishes). Even though this is smelly item, it is also considered very very healthy item. It is made from soy beans. I wonder how people came up with this. How brave of the first person who ate this smelly fermented beans. Anyway, I buy these in a Japanese grocery store and freeze it so I can defrost them and eat whenever I want to :-)

So, this was my dinner last night. Nothing special for the people who are Japanese but it might be interesting for the people who are not Japanese. These are very simple, healthy and easy Japanese dishes.


  1. I have never tried japanese; now I am curious!Loved all the entries and the pictures are too good, inviting:)

  2. It looks good! I can't believe how much you are cooking these days. I can't wait to cook together again

  3. Hi Kothuyavunu,
    Thank you for your compliment. I am still learning how to take good pictures. I think the lighting is the key. Anyway, you should try Japanese food!

  4. Hi Cristina,
    Thank you for checking out my blog. Yes, I am cooking a lot. It makes me happy and also better for your health and your wallet :-) I would love to cook with you again!

  5. I just stumbled by at your blog. You have a beautiful blog. Love the presentation. I'm always curious to learn abt foods from all over the world. Never had Japanese food but heard a lot though. Certainly going to try ur recipes.

    Dolly @

  6. HI Dolly
    Thank you for your comment. I also am curious to learn about foods from all over the world. I love eating something new. If you try Japanese food, let me know what you thought about it :-)

  7. first time here you have lovely blog with yummy recipes

  8. Hi Prasukitchen! Thank you for leaving a comment :-)
    Your blog is great also!

  9. great post, I really like it. Thanks for posting. :)