Sunday, November 29, 2009

My mother-in-law's Christmas cookies

My Mother-in-law sent me some pictures of the Christmas cookies she baked so I would like to share those photo with you.

She is a great cook and she is also excellent in making sweets. She always makes great sweets whenever we visit them in Germany. She is also very good at presentation.

She always make many different kinds of cookies when it get closer to Christmas. I think it is tradition and she always did this since my husband was a little boy. My husband used to help her bake cookies and those are his good Christmas memories with his mom.

Also, my father-in-law loves cookies so I can just imagine his happy face when he looked at those beautiful cookies :-)

Below are the photos of cookies she made. This made me want to bake some cookies also!

I found some good recipes in the book "The Sweet Life" which I borrowed from library so maybe I will try one of those recipes this week :-)

I don't know all the names for these cookies but it sure looks good!

The almond one is the one I bake every year with my husband. I am sure that we will be baking those cookies again this year. I will post it when we bake them :-)


  1. These look delicious Mausi! I love those almond cookies, I can't wait for you to post the recipe! :)

  2. Hi Cathrine,
    Me too! I love this almond cookies. It has lots of almond powder in it also. It is very flaky and yummy!

  3. I love all the cookies here. Looks crunchy and delicious.

  4. hey they look so delicious..please do post the recipes soon..

  5. Hi Anncoo,
    Thanks. I love cookies also :-) Christmas is a good excuse to eat lots of cookies :-)

  6. Hi Saju,
    Thanks. The almond cookie is really good. I have not tried all the other cookies but I am sure they are all good!