Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Balsamic Glazed Chicken Breast

Last night, I made "Balsamic Glazed Chicken Breast". I found this recipe at Food Network's web site under top 3 chicken breast recipe. Click here for the recipe on Food Network website.

I like all the ingredients in here so I thought I should like this dish and gave it a try. The recipe for 12 servings but we are just two people so I adjusted the amount and made with 2 chicken breast. It was easy and I loved the taste!

Good thing about it is that it finish in the oven so you can make it for many people and serve at a same time. (You need to pan fry them one by one before putting them in the oven, though)

The flavor of balsamic and red wine were great. I loved it. We ate them with pasta on the side. I think I could have eaten 2 pieces of chicken if I had.

Anyway, tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I hope everyone is done with all the shopping for it. We are having a few people over and having a pot luck party. This year, we decided not to make Turkey because we did it last year and it was quite a hassle.

I am so excited about this party. We will be having many different dishes from different county and eat, drink and have fun!

I still need to go buy some stuff for tomorrow and get ready! A lot to do!

One thing I was surprised about is that on Friday after Thansgiving (which is called Black Friday), some stores open at 3:00am or 4:00am. I know it is like a biggetst shopping day of the year but I was shocked how serious everybody are about shopping.

Well, everybody Have a Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Black Friday! For those who are going
shopping on Friday, please be careful :-)


  1. glazed chicken looks mouthwatering...Such a yummy food.:)Wish u & ur family the same..Happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. Hi Kothiyavunu,
    Yes. The Glazed chicken was pretty good. I would recommend it. Wish you and your family Happy Thanksgiving also!